Friday, December 31, 2021

Late Friday Reading Wrap-up - 12/31/21

Since this is the last day of the year, I wanted to set this post for as late as possible, so yeah, if you're seeing this Saturday morning, it's really a Friday post.  Really.  And Happy New Year!

No new books this week.  I still have six ebooks left from earlier in the month and scads of hardcopies.

Books Read:

70) The Reluctant Detective by Tom Fowler (12/31/21) - Noir Crime* - 5 stars.  New to me, but not underappreciated.  Free off Top 100 Free Noir list at Amazon.
Review: "It started with me not being sure I'd even like the main character, but all in all, it was a pretty good read and whether he came around to being likable or I just came around to appreciating him, CT's an okay guy."

69) Mystic Pieces by Ada Bell (12/28/21) - Paranormal Mystery* - 5 stars. New to me but not underappreciated.  Free from an Amazon recommendation.
Review: "
Cute and fun."


12/28/21 - MG Literature from my collection - I just couldn't get into it.  

Currently reading...  I didn't pick up anything new to read today because I wasn't sure what I wanted to start the new year with.  I feel like it ought to be something special, ya know?

Oh, and I didn't reach my 75 book goal for the year, but I made a valiant effort, so no regrets here.  We'll see what next year's goal will be.  

How was your last reading week of the year?

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  1. Obviously seeing this later on Saturday. I DID reach my 200 book challenge, but only because I had to read two of my own books to fully edit them. Not exactly cheating. Anyway, I managed 4 books to complete the challenge.

    200 - Miss Frost Ices The Imp: A Nocturne Falls Mystery (Jayne Frost Book 2) - Kristen Painter - paranormal cozy mystery. 4 stars. It was cute but I'll admit I'm not a big fan of romance triangles. I'll probably come back to the series at some point but taking a break for now.

    199 ​- Cafe Midnight - Silver James - supernatural detective noir. 5 stars. What I said below. Besides, this book is a hoot IM(not so)HO. So there.

    198 - Bride's Moon (Moonstruck, #5) - Silver James. 5 stars. Stop laughing. I can rate my book high if I want too.

    197 - Miss Frost Solves A Cold Case - Kristen Painter - paranormal cozy mystery (?). 4 stars. It was cute and in keeping with a light-hearted holiday read. I'd read this one several years ago and I know the author so, there ya go.

    Currently reading nada, zip, zero. I have no clue what to pick up next but I'm already sort of jonesing for something, I just haven't figured out the "flavor" I'm hankering for yet. Hopefully, something will pop up.

    Happy New Year of reading! 💖📚🥰