Thursday, December 2, 2021

Thursday This n That

Every time I see a non-book post in a FB book group - like people trying to sell furniture / real estate / clothing /etc. or throwing up videos of all sorts of crap - I get the urge to comment with 'This book sucks.  1-star.'  I haven't done it yet, but the urge is growing stronger.  For now, I just 'Hide All' from the person posting.  

I'm currently grooving on We Don't Know by the Strumbellas.  It's an awesome song...  "We don't know the roads that we're heading down, but we all know if we're lost then we'll find a way."  Deep stuff, man.  And the video cracks me up.  I remember that video game.  LOL

When I was a senior in high school, I spent a lot of time hanging out at the local arcade.  Playland, if I remember right.  It had video games and a go-cart track out back.  It was fun.  Made a lot of friends.  Then I went off to college.  I grew up and changed and it was over.  :shrug:  But I rocked at Tetris, man.  And there was this game where you could be one of four characters - barbarian, dwarf, etc. - and fight D&D type monsters that was cool.  I wish I could remember the name of that one.  Ah, the glory years.  ROFL

Speaking of D&D, I wasted untold hours playing that when I was in college.  I also think spending that much time on that game probably was a contributing factor to both my not getting a degree and to my ever-lowering GPA.  Live and learn, eh?  Shout out to Tim and Matt, though.  They were awesome friends to me and cool players.  Also, nods to Mike, Chris, Otis, Mark, and Mary Jo.  Go, them.  Last I knew, Tim was a teacher, Matt worked for the government doing forensic audits, and Mike owned a bar.  Mark and Mary Jo ended up getting married - I was the maid of honor - and they're still together.  I lost track of Chris and Otis.  (I don't remember Chris' last name and Otis... who was actually Jim, but we called him Otis, has such a normal name I can't find him online.)  We were a hella-good bunch of characters, lemme tell ya.

It's sad that I've lost contact with all the friends I've ever had.  In person friends anyway.  I've got a few internet friends I've known a long time.  :waves:  But like my best friend from high school... Margaret...  I lost touch with her and it makes me sad sometimes.  I don't think if we got together right now, we'd have anything in common anymore.  But man, we were thick as thieves in high school.  And my friends from the computer club in college - Kathy, Curtis, Pat...  Okay, I screwed that one up bigtime... long story.  Along with a bunch of people I only remember by their user handles - Beez, Coastie, Boo.  (I was Razz.)  And those D&D friends... I know where they are and what they're doing because I searched them online, not because I'm in touch with any of them.  Every job I've had, all the places I've lived, and we try to stay in touch but we don't.  Bummer.

Wow, I didn't mean to go down that rabbit hole this morning.  Regrets... I haz them.

On a happier note, I put up my Christmas tree yesterday.  I should snap a pic.  It's about the same as it always is, but this year I got to put on ornaments my mom sent me last year.  They're three little hummingbirds made with real feathers.  So pretty.  She bought them for her own tree, but they're too small, so she sent them to me for my little tree.  I'm not really in a Christmassy mood yet, but I needed to look for my cards and since I already had the boxes open, I figured why not?  Maybe it'll help me get into the holiday spirit.

What's on your this n that list today?  

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  1. Interesting rabbit hole. 👋🏼 (me waving back) And those ornaments are probably all sorts of awesome! Yay for the tree going up!

    My college bestie/roomie and I stay in touch and even manage to visit face-to-face about once a year. She lives in a different state, but day-trip distance. High school? Not so much, though there's a FB group. Same with other college dorm friends.

    As you know, my tree stays up all year. We forget it's there until we click on the lights. 🤣 It's over 6' tall but slender and it's sorta back in a corner of the family room. I did take the soft white rope light strand off Nessie and got it strung along the front walk. I replaced it with a longer daylight rope light string. Not as bright as the tape lights that used to be on her, but brighter than before. I did NOT get around to the evergreen swag and lights on the porch. I got a sun migraine doing Nessie.

    On a companion note, I found some light stakes that I really wanted to used for the walkway strand on the local hardware's website (it's a national chain). I went to get them yesterday before starting the lighting process. They didn't have them in stock--hadn't received them at all. Supply chain thing, don'cha know. I did get some metal ones that will until I find the right solution.

    I have no sexy bits in the current WIP. That's weird and I should think about fixing that because "dark paranormal mafia romance."

    I "won" NaNoWriMo. Not that it matters. The book isn't done but it did remind me about writing diligently which is good. I took yesterday off. Gotta get back in the saddle today. Besides, it needs to warm up a little before I go do outdoor Christmas.

    I was a pinball wizard in college. Pong is the first video/arcade game I remember and it was soooo not in my wheelhouse. My kids play video games. Me? Nope. Though I do think Skyrim and/or Assassin's Creed would be cool to watch as TV shows.

    Pretty sure other stuff happened this week but I'm nursing my second cup of coffe so the brain isn't firing on all cylinders yet.

    Hang in there. We all got this! 🥰 Later, tater!