Thursday, December 30, 2021

Thursday This n That

 The coffee maker I bought a month ago died.  It was a Toastmaster.  So, $15 down the drain.  Yesterday, I went to Wallyworld to get a new one.  They didn't have my usual Black & Decker model, so I picked up a Mr. Coffee.  And, of course, the less expensive models were all sold out, so I ended up with one that has more bells and whistles than we need.  (Literally on the bells... it chimes when the coffee's done.  As if we actually wait for the coffee to be done before we grab a cup.)  :shrug:  We have coffee.  That's all that matters.  And I really only spent $10 more than I would've.

You'd think with all the nifty things this coffee maker does, it would have a lighted clock.  But no.  And the clock is poorly designed because it's set back a little into the coffee maker and I have to lean over to look at it.  Thanks, Mr. Coffee.

In line at the Wallyworld, a masked-up woman rolled up behind me on one of their scooters - you know the ones the store provides - and she started bitching about how people weren't respecting the 6' social distancing.  She was about 3 feet away from me.  And every time I sidled away from her, she rolled closer.  Chattering away about her mother the nurse and the trials she's had to endure during her shopping experience.  I was pleasant and attentive, but eventually I had to turn my back on her and dealt with my purchases.  After I paid and put my stuff in my cart, I turned to tell her to have a Happy New Year and she said something like 'I'm glad I don't know you'.  Well, gee, the feeling is mutual, ya old bat.

Before that, at the cash register was another old woman on a scooter and she got really shrill when the cashier handed her bills but no coins.  A while back, Wallyworld went to a system where they round up on the change so if you're due a quarter, they give you a dollar.  I tried helping out the nice cashier, and explaining it to the gal, but it only made her madder.  As she rolled off, heading toward the customer service counter to bitch some more, the cashier told me she was only really due 8 cents and got a whole dollar instead, so she wasn't sure where the problem lay.  Maybe the lady collects coins.  :shrug:

Needless to say, the world is more than a little nuts right now.  I didn't let any of it harsh my day.  Hell, I got the dirt I've been wanting to buy and a new coffee maker AND donuts, so it's all good.  

Since it was raining yesterday, the dirt is sitting on the front porch and will go into the bed today.  Yay.  I got three more bags of Black Cow composted manure and two bags of what they're calling 'compressed potting soil'.  Supposedly there are 2 cubic feet in each 1 cubic foot bag and it will expand once it's open.  If it does what it says, I'll have 7 cubic feet of dirt to add to the garden and that should do it.  We'll see.  

You should've seen my little Cavalier yesterday.  Four 50lb bags of corn, five bags of dirt, all in the back seat.  (I have to put heavy things in the back seat.  If I put them in the trunk, it feels like I'm driving down the road doing one big wheelie for 20+ miles.)  I was riding low that day, lemme tell ya.  

I think the neighbors are finally moving into their new house next door.  It's been over two years since they started the project, but then the King Flu hit and supplies got harder to get.  Anyway, it'll be nice.  I wonder if they'll let me play with their dog.  He's a cool dog - like redbone coonhound mixed with Afghan hound.  He's all legs.  What a cute puppy he was.  

Gah, I need a dog.

Anyway, that's probably enough out of me this morning.  What's on your this n that radar today?


  1. I need to hit Wallyworld today. I missed my normal Monday because it was like the 2nd day after Christmas and the first "normal" shopping day. Yes, people shop on Sunday but anyway. My fave associate came down with the 'Rona early last week. Bummed me out.

    Only is still negative, last I heard, but Stormy popped a positive. Baseball Boy is on the mend so hopefully, under the new guidelines (as ALL of them are vaxxed), both will be able to return to school next week.

    I cut my hair last night. I got it a little short. I don't care. It'll grow. Easy peasy.

    One book updated and reloaded wide. Another gets worked on today and I'll upload tomorrow. That leaves five and then all are done, except then I'll have Books2Read Universal links for all of them so I plan to update the D2D version backmatter, and fix all the books again and reupload. When I do that, I'll fix my goof on BLOOD MOON. It's 99 cents right now. Oops. It's supposed to be $1.99. I need to change D2D before I change' the 'Zon's price. Anyway. Future stuffs.

    I made spaghetti and chili this week. And patty melts. All were yummy. Brisket for New Year's Day. And you made me hungry for ham so I'm picking up ham steaks and sweet potatoes today.

    Not much else going on in my world. I'm hiding from the wider world since it's swimming in crazysauce at the moment. On a semi-happy note, I was greeted by all but one of the feral cauldron this morning. Lucifer, Shylock, Hi-Jinx, and BeeGee were present, along with Witchie, who's the little momma cat. Missing was Warlock, her last kitten. I've seen him a few times at the food tray in the evening, but if he was around this morning, he was in the bushes hiding. Everyone got along and I put out extra food for them.

    Gotta get the lights down before the arctic front hits Saturday, and I need to beef up the shelter/beds for the ferals.

    That's my this for this week. So far anyway. Now I'm off to Wallyworld. Later, tater!

  2. Yay, you're back! I missed you.

    I swear, everything is built to last 1/10th the time it should. I finally retired my 30 yo microwave, but I suspect the new one won't last 5 years. It is a LOT more powerful than the old one, though.

    No Wallyworld for me this week. The car is in the shop, for who knows how long. At least this time it acted up while in there; before it always miraculously "got well".

    I'm having so much fun with my new sources! And 1882 is completely finished! Hooray!!!