Sunday, December 12, 2021

Sunday Update - Week 49

Yeah yeah yeah, I thought last week was #47, but counting back from the end of the year, this had to have been #49.  At some point in the year, I stuck a number in there and hoped for the best.  I must've been off.  Oops.  

Anyway...  I'm pretty pleased with myself for working on editing almost every day.  And that one day I took off?  Well, I figured out what was wrong and got back to work the next day, so it's all good.  I'm not making huge leaps in the progress department, but overall, I'm pleased with the work.  The manuscript is getting better by the day.  Unfortunately, some of my flashes of insight make me have to take a few steps back and do rewriting.  It's like a bizarre dance where I take several steps forward, then a few steps back, then a couple steps to the side, erase my footprints, and move forward again.  The Dance of the Plum-Crazy Writer.  

I got another book uploaded to Direct 2 Digital - UNEQUAL.  Unfortunately, I learned that you can't put a title with all caps into the system and then I learned you can't change the title once it's uploaded, so I had to delete it and go through the process again.  It's available now at B&N and Kobo (and a few other places).  This week, I'll be uploading Accidental Death and Natural Causes, as well as the genie series.  

I didn't have a great reading week.  I spent a lot of it finishing a book I had wrongly assumed would be a quick read and then I DNF'd several.  I'm on a good one now, so I'll have at least one book to review before next Saturday.  My hopes of reaching this year's goal are dwindling.

In baking news, I make granola bars again.  And I did scalloped potatoes with ham.  Yummers.  I was going to make cake or zucchini bread, but a neighbor brought us a big cream cheese coffee cake, so we've been eating on that instead.

On the activity front, I did 4 out of 7 days.  I actually got two walks in!  The other days were woods work stuff.  I haven't recorded a weight yet this month.  The last time I weighed myself, I didn't like the number.  LOL

Yesterday, Hubs and I went into the woods and cut a really big sycamore limb into thirds, then dragged those up the hill.  Woof, that was a workout in itself.  Then Hubs cut the biggest third into 14" lengths for firewood.  I think we had 6-7 logs worth out of that.  And then I called it a day for us both.  Good thing, too.  We were pooped.  The other two thirds will keep or we'll do them today, depending on how we feel and how the weather is.

Speaking of weather, we caught the beginning of that horrific storm system that killed all those people and did all that damage.  It didn't drop hell on our heads here, but it sure was a nasty bastard after it left.  My heart goes out to all those poor people.  I saw a drone video of that town in KY.  It was awful.  =o(

In deer news, the bucks are starting to drop antlers.  We saw one walk into the yard with only the right side and the space where his left was looked fresh, so we went looking for the left.  Alas, he probably dropped it on the neighbors' property.  The good news is that now that the rut is over, the does are starting to herd back up again and they aren't as testy with each other.  Yay.

Oh, and I finally saw an eagle.  Yay.  It was making lazy circles over the house one day when we were out on the deck.  This is actually pretty late in the year for my first eagle sighting, but I'm okay with that.  

And I think that's about it for me this week.  I probably did some other stuff, but it's a blur.  How was your week?


  1. Yay for edits, eagles, critters, woods work, reading, and so glad you missed the beast. That drone footage looks like a WWII war zone! I was surprised at how fast my latest D2D upload is hitting stores, despite them being on holiday hours. I have another one coming off Tuesday, and then a couple after Christmas. My sales and page reads are pretty much nil so I'm glad I'm going wide. A dollar is better than nuthin'! Also, when yours finally hit Hoopla, let me know. I'll borrow them and get you the borrow fee!

    WRiting is mostly stalled on the Boston Wolves, mainly due to my wild hair to pull a Christams story out of thin air. I AM making progress on it and it's kinda funny and cute so far.

    Saw a baking project for us today on Fox. A piecaken--riffed from the turducken trend. It's a dessert. The first layer is a chocolate pecan pie, which is topped with amaretto buttercream icing. That is topped with a cheesecake, buttercream. Top layer is a red velvet cake. And then buttercream on the top, sides, etc. And THAT is topped with cherry pie filling. I went to the site because LG and and I were all over that and drooling. Yeah. $99. Uhm...nope! I'll make my own. If I get over being lazy. LOLOL

    Book listening is going slow. Lots of people time (it's rude to listen when people are around) and writing. Can't listen and write. I think I'll make my goal. We'll see.

    What else? Not much. LG's truck is back and good. The bulk of Stormy's Christmas has arrived, waiting on one more that should arrive by the end of the week. LG and I are mostly "giving" each other upgrades that are utilized immediately--like the wi-fi booster system we bought. It works. We'll do some little "surprise" things that we can open at the family gift exchange.

    What else? Nuttin' much, honey. Here's to a good week for us all! 😍

  2. ROFL: The Dance of the Plum-Crazy Writer. I know the feeling. Yay for any and all progress!

    An eagle sighting is so cool. We've been seeing more and bigger hawks lately, but I doubt we'll ever see an eagle. Just lots of vultures. ;-)

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia this week. I guess it's good to know, even though I don't see any relief on the horizon. But now when I need a nap I don't feel guilty.

    For all that, I got more work done this week. I'm almost done with 1882. Only 7 years to go. Hooray! ;-)