Thursday, December 16, 2021

Thursday This and That

Oops, sorry.  I woke up late and I've been dragging ever since, so I'm late doing this.  

I want a dog.  Not just any dog, but this... Crap, I went to get the link for her and she was gone.  I should've figured she wouldn't last long.  She was an awesome 7mo old that looked like a mix of lab and Leonberger. :sniffle:  Both of my favorite kittens got adopted, too.  That's good, though, right?  They got homes and I don't have to be sitting here wanting to go get them anymore.  

Well, that reprieve from wanting a particular dog didn't last long.  I found this one.  Okay, admittedly this one has been there a while and I'd seen it before, but the original pictures didn't do it justice.  The new pics make it look totally awesome.  It has two siblings there, too, but the pics of them are also not good and no new ones have been uploaded yet.  Not that I could take all three.  Gah.


I'm currently pissed at the USPS.  The paycheck my office mailed on 12/2 never arrived.  So last week, they cut me a new check.  Actually, they cut me a check for last week's pay and mailed it Thursday.  Then the replacement check went out Friday.  I got the Thursday check on Monday.  The replacement check still hasn't arrived.  AGAIN.  Then yesterday, we got two Christmas cards mailed to us from other states.  Both of them had stickers on them... 'unable to forward'.  WTF?!  One took 11 days to get here and the other took 9 days - from CO and VA.  WTF?!  So I called the local post office.  Poor dude sounded harried.  He had no clue what happened other than to intimate that somehow some letters are getting put through as forwards when there's no forward order.  Ostensibly so whoever is sorting that mail won't have to deal with it that day.  Off it goes and good luck with all that.  GAH!  Since the problem is from several different states, I'm laying the blame on the Springfield, MO postal sorting location.  I have half a mind to drive up there and slap the crap out of someone.  Paychecks, people.  You're messing with paychecks.  Fuckers.


We had another stormy thing blow through last night.  Lots of wind.  A little hail.  No big deal.  Once again, we're fine.  Not sure what the hell is up with the weather these days.  It is NOT, no matter what our feckless leaders says, due to manmade climate change.  What a dork.


I can't seem to drop a this or a that without wanting to go on and on or rant about it, so I'll leave you here.  Have a great day and stay safe wherever you are.  :hugs:


  1. Is there any way you can go to direct deposit on the paychecks? Or just do a direct transfer from the company bank account to your bank account? Cut out the PO?

    It's a second year of La Nina, according to our weather experts (including the NWS Severe Storms Lab down at OU). Last year, La Nina was located further to the south so we ended up with unseasonable cold and precip that created that massive October ice storm. This year, it has moved further north, which affect the artic air masses--keeps them from coming south, so we get the tropical air which is warmer and moister and means storms when a cold front does manage to get through. Ahem.

    Speaking of weather, we had the wind yesteray. Grass fires and a freight train blown off the tracks--while it was moving! Crazysauce but this IS Oklahoma and we do get the wind.

    The world is crazy. Ahem.

    I really need to get some Christmas cards out. Maybe I'll do that later today. Or not. Ahem.

    I also need to get back on the Christmas story. Ahem.

    Did you see where Kraft is offering people $20 to NOT make cheesecake for Christmas? It's a funny commercial but they're serious because evidently, there's a cream cheese shortage. People can sign up (a limited number, of course) like tomorrow and the day after, and then they have to send a scan of their receipt where they either bought the ingredients for an alternative dessert or bought a premade dessert. Somebody in their advertising department needs a raise!

    That's all my this. Time for more coffee. Later, tater.

  2. Barley is so cute! You need to take her home with you. :-)

    I want a new body. A 30-yo model would be nice, but I'd take a 40 without complaint.

    I hope your paycheck arrives today! USPS needs to undo ALL the cuts they made a couple of years ago. And dump the current PM -- he's made a total mess of a great system. We needed those sorting centers!

    I shut down 95% of my pattern business until after Christmas. I'm not up to dealing with lost packages this year.

    I need to clear out my house. I swear half it is purely storage for stuff I don't use any more.

    Off to work now -- I have lovely new sources to play with. :-D