Saturday, December 4, 2021

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 12/4/21

Hello again.  Not many more of these reading wrap-ups for 2021.  And then I'll do the big wrap-up.  But until then, here's another one.  Not an exciting one, but there it is...

No new books.

Books Read:

60) Nevada by Zane Grey (12/1/21) - Western# - 5 stars.  Not new to me, but it doesn't have many reviews.  I see that a lot in older, not well-known books.  Picked this up for like 50c at the thrift store.
Review: "
Another amazing book by Zane Grey."
Note:  If you haven't read Zane Grey, his books are filled with heroic characters, thrilling plots, and sweeping descriptions that will make you feel like you're right there in the story.  I started with Riders of the Purple Sage years ago.  It's a pretty good one, but since then, I've read others I liked better.  YMMV.

No DNFs.

Currently reading... an old hardcover that used to be my daughter's, but she didn't want it anymore, so I kept it - Daughter of a Magnate by Frank H. Spearman.  (Not the 1903 edition I've got as 'currently reading' on Goodreads, but they didn't have the edition I'm reading, it was the only hardcover listing, and I didn't feel like making a new book listing.)

I'm still 9 books behind on my goal.  Unfortunately, I'm getting ready to start another round of edits using my Kindle, so using it for pleasure reading is temporarily stalled. 

What's on your reading list for this week?  

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  1. I'm on 185 of my 200-book challenge, which according to Goodreads means I'm on track to hit my goal. Still doing the Jayne Castle Harmony/Ghost Hunter/Rainshadow combined series relisten. This past week I finished off 4 more books in the series:

    184 - Deception Cove (Rainshadow, #2; Harmony/Ghost Hunter, #10) - 5 stars

    183 - The Lost Night (Rainshadow, #1; Ghost Hunters, #9) - 5 stars

    182 - Canyons of Night (Rainshadow, #0; Ghost Hunters, #8; Looking Glass Trilogy, #3; Arcane Society, #12)

    181 - Midnight Crystal (Dreamlight Trilogy, #3; Arcane Society, #9; Harmony/Ghost Hunters, #7)

    I'm currently listening to THE HOT ZONE, the next in the series. I'll finish it today and move on to the next. After ZONE, there's two more books to relisten to and then the new release so I should have the series finished by next week. After than, Not sure what I'll grab to meet my goal. At this point, they better be short! 🤣

    Happy reading, all!