Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Short Attention Span Theatre

 It's time once again for Short Attention Span Theatre, with your host B.E. Sanderson.  (Yeah, I went with the British spelling.  You wanna make somethin' of it?)

I woke up today to a pair of fawns with a serious case of the zoomies.  They were running all over the yard, up into the neighbors' across the street yard, over to the north neighbor's yard, around the house and back again.  ZOOM!  So much happy.

I have the hiccups.

Is it hiccups or hiccoughs?  

I got next to no sleep last night.  Thanks, menopause.  Appreciate ya.

Coffee is my friend.

Since I was up anyway last night, I sat down and wrote.  Got another 800+ words added on to the day's total.  Woohoo.

Damn, that cigarette tastes good.

For some reason, the jukebox in my head decided to kick on and it felt like the damn thing was playing every song I ever heard.   Not the whole songs.  Just snippets.  On repeat.  

Put another nickel in... in the nickelodeon... all I want is lovin' you and music music music... SHUT UP!

I went to the DG yesterday.  Pulled into the parking lot with lots of cars and a few people milling about.  Turned my car off.  And notice the big banner across the front of the building: CLOSED FOR REMODELING.  You'd think one of those people would've waved me off.  But no.

I found a new internet music source - Jango.  I put a band into the search and it gave me a station based on the band (Of Monsters and Men, btw,)  It was perfect for writing fantasy.  Especially this song - Dirty Paws.  (Lyric video, not the original one.  And yes, I thought of your books, Silver, when this song came up.)  Anyway, it's free and it hasn't bothered me with annoying ads yet, so I'm good.

Well, I'm way behind this morning, so I should probably scoot along.  Have a great day.  And drop some Short Attention Span Theatre of your own if you feel like it.

1 comment:

  1. Of Monsters and Men is an awesome group to listen to. Especially when writing fantasy. I hadn't heard that particular song but it's now on my list!

    Rain, rain, go away now. We've refilled the lakes, ponds, rivers, buckets...

    I have giant flox blooming. And a tiger lily. I hadn't noticed. I should maybe pay more attention...

    Today is Tuesday. That means $10 Pizza!

    I didn't write yesterday. Or the day before. Except my blog. That doesn't count. I don't have a theme to work from for tomorrow. But I need words.

    I'm curious about this whole Vella thing on Amazon. Maybe for the Moonstruck Mafia. If I ever get them written.

    The birds don't like the hanging bird bath I got them. Doves will occasionally eat bird seed from it. Ah well.

    Coffee is EVERYBODY'S friend. Just sayin'...

    Sleep? What is this elusive and mythical beast of which you speak?

    And Stormy has arrived so time to be Jammie for a bit. Hope your day improves, you find your focus, and words flow like music! 🥰