Sunday, June 27, 2021

Sunday Update - Week... Hellifino

What do you get if you cross a hippo, an elephant, and a rino?  A hellifino.

Umm... yeah, it's early and I'm not quite sane yet.  

I wrote some this week.  Not nearly the word-extravaganza I was hoping for, but hey, it was writing.  An additional 4578 words were added.  What can I say?  Sometimes this writing stuff is hard.  :shrug:  I did sit down and draw a map.  It sucks, but it's a start.  I also looked at free map drawing software.  And then read the FAQ wherein I discovered I couldn't commercially use the maps I would make (as in inside anything I would sell.. like books) unless I used the pay version.  Umm...  Yeah, I'll go back to doing it the old way.  Thanks.

It wasn't a great week for reading either.  

No baking.

I did a bunch of active stuff this week, though.  I reorganized some stuff and I did some weeding stuff and cleaning stuff.  I did a lot of Helper Monkey stuff for Hubs when he was doing the roof.  All the mowing I did the week prior finally caught up to my body and I dropped some poundage.  Weight: 184.4

Speaking of roof stuff, Monday morning Hubs went out into the smoking room and discovered a puddle.  Thus began the saga of the drip, which I already detailed.  Yesterday, Hubs was up on the roof fixing things.  Right now, it's raining cats and dogs, so fingers crossed, eh?  So far, no drips, but it's early yet.  I hope everything he did works, not only to ameliorate the drips but to keep him from having to do that again.  One thing I learned, for future reference... peanut butter takes Liquid Nails off your skin.  (but not out of clothing, so there goes my favorite pair of pink shorts)

We've been watching the Olympic trials.  My favorite athlete so far is Gabby Thomas.  She's a runner.  But she's also working on her Master's degree in epidemiology.  Smart and fast.  Seems like a good person.  And she's pretty, too.  Of course, Simone Biles is back and kicking butt.  And Katie Ledecky is back, too, swimming like a dolphin.  Sam Mikulek made the team again for men's gymnastics.  All kudos to Sam, but I think he should've sat this one out and let one of the younger, healthier dudes have his spot.  (He's got wrist issues and a wonky elbow.)   There's a distance runner from my old stompin' grounds that I'll be rooting for - Grant Fisher - even if I didn't get to see him in the trials.

In gardening news, still no veggies.  Loads of flowers on the zukes, but that's it.  The flowers do their thing and then drop off, leaving only a stalk behind.  :sniffle:  Same with the tomatoes.  Flowers, but no fruits.  It's very disheartening.  

We're seeing fawns way more often now.  Yay.  And we have three raccoons coming to eat.  And two bunnies.  Chester Chipmunk is alive and well, and living under the big hydrangea.

Well, I think that's it for me for now.  How was your week?


  1. All good stuffs there. Fingers crossed on the leak. Yay for critters! As for me? It was a week.

    I picked up Stormy each day at noon and brought him here for lunch and play time. LG had some model kits for him to work on so the "boys" bonded at the diningroom table--Stormy doing his stuff and LG on the computer. Sadly, I couldn't get back in the groove.

    The only writing I did was for Wednesday Words (about 1K) for the upcoming novella and then 250 words on Thrusday that had nothing to do with any project. It's sort of a SciFi. I think. Anyway...

    We had rain this weekend. That's a plus but the massive amounts created some flooding. Heard that Detroit is also having some. Hope your kin are all on high ground.

    And now I'm crying. I haven't watched the news of late because...the world is mad. But for some reason, I had the TV on and the story that just aird on Fox & Friends Sunday just slayed me. A young widow contacted Fox for help hooking up with the Tunnel to Towers charity. Her husband was a Green Beret who made the supreme sacrifice and today would have been their 10th wedding anniversary. She just donated $100K (that's $100,000.00!) dollars to T-to-T, to help provide homes to catastrphically injured military, Gold Star families, and families with small children who lost a first responder/military member. Pete Hegseth and the director of T2T had no clue. The stunned look on their faces and the rapid blinking of both when she made the announcement just wrecked me.

    Okay. Moving on. I gave blood yesterday. Got a cool shirt. I need to be more mindful about giving whenever I'm eligible.

    Reading/listening was good as you know from yesterday. TV and sports? Not so much. Ah well.

    My goal for this week is to get the dang Christmas thing written. And then I might work on the Moonstruck Mafia. Or not. LOL

    On that note, I need my 3rd cup of coffee and then it's time to start laundry. I should also make a Wallyworld run. Or I might just add some feral cat kibble to round out the dog food tonight. We'll see.

    Here's to a productive week for us all! 🥰

  2. Yay for any and all words!

    I'm so out of it today. I had to read hellifino at least ten times before I got the joke.

    Mom has lots of green tomatoes, but a couple finally turned red and she gave me one. I'd forgotten how good fresh, vine-ripe tomatoes can be!

    Work-wise, I'm behind in one sense, but the new sources are so much better than the ones I used earlier. Most of those will get cut. This dressmaking book is finally making progress! :-D