Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sunday Update - Week 25

:blinkblink:  Good morning, everyone.  This past week was a fun-filled extravaganza... not really... but it wasn't bad either.  It just was.

I managed to write some words this week.  After finishing my re-through of Unfinished Untitled Fantasy, I put down about 2300 more words on it, made some notes for more, and had a dream about how to handle a particular niggle.  Then yesterday I didn't write on the story, but I made some more notes trying to figure out how to handle the upcoming scene.  I think I've got it.  As of this morning, 80818 words.  Probably about 20K more to go.  We'll see.

I've been doing marketing.  No sales for the genies.  No sales so far for the SCIU books which are discounted now.  I did get a lovely note from a fan on one of my sale posts, though.  She posted a picture of the paperbacks she bought of the SCIU books and AD last year.  And squeed a bit about how awesome they are.  It was a nice thing to go to bed on last night.

My reading week was kind of weird.  I finished a book and then spent most of the week reading my manuscript.  When I finished that and sat down to read other people's books, I hit a couple duds.

In baking news, I made granola bars, corn bread (to go with a big pot of chili), and chocolate oil cake with butter cream frosting. (The frosting was store bought, but that's okay.)

On the activity front, I spent three days on mowing the yard, one day vacuuming the entire house, and one day walking.  I added in the walking from the mowing and I'm at almost 40 miles for the year.  No movement of the scale numbers, though.  Weight: 186.0  As for eating, I'm back to trying to eat smaller portions.  We'll see if that helps.

We saw fawns this week!  Two came scampering through with their mama.  And then yesterday either the same two or a different two hung out with mom while she gobbled down some corn.  (I think it was a different set, but I can't be sure.)  Still no pictures of the twins together - they won't hold still.  I did get this, though:

We also have raccoons.  Rockette brought a friend to dinner and now Rockelle is visiting regularly, too.

(Rockette is the blacker one.)

Chester Chipmunk is alive and well.  So are the bunnies.  Life in the woods is good.

In container gardening news, the zukes are still blooming but still no fruits.  Same with the tomatoes.  It probably has to do with the bug spraying we do in the yard (not the deck this year, just the yard), but I'd rather spray and have no veggies than not spray.  The lettuce and the carrots are pathetic.  So are the onions.  I'm about ready to say 'screw it' and try again next year.  In flower-bed news, something came along and ate the buds off my remaining lilies.  Rabbit or deer probably.  Darn it all.  But the sedums are getting ready to bloom, and the hydrangea is still covered with white flowers.  Can't win 'em all.

And I think that's it for me for now.  How was your week?


  1. Mostly boring, as weeks go. That's okay. I guess. I'm having weird dreams. I mean...REALLY weird. Not sure what's up there. No words. I think I have a direction for the Christmas novella that revisits Jack and Justice and introduces a new character that's part of a new "anthology" series by different authors.

    I caught up on a bunch of DVR'd stuff. NIGHTWATCH makes me want to go to New Orleans. And also maybe get the Cajun cops going except still no real plot there. Ugh. Also SECRETS OF SKINWALKER RANCH is getting freaky-deaky! Now I'm jonesing for the next episode!

    Stormy came to play Monday and Friday. He's a cool kid. This coming week, he'll be here for lunch and stay until mid-afternoon each day. VBS in the morning but his Snapology class didn't "make" so I'll pick him up and bring him here.

    Not much else going on. I'm stuck on a book. I feel like I need to finish it but I'm finding that I just don't really care what happens. If I don't either finish it or DNF it and move on, my GR challenge well get behind again.

    It's hot. I'm not getting out much but tomorrow and Tuesday are supposed to be spectacular! Yay for cool fronts! We might even get rain.

    Okay, time to clean up and get the blog set up for tomorrow and maybe stare at various projects looking for inspiration. I hate not having a direction. Maybe I'll start Ariel's book in the Penumbra Papers. I know what his is about. We'll see.

    Have a great week! Later, tater.

  2. Yay for fawns! I see a squirrel managed to sneak into the photo too, the little ham. All your wildlife is so much fun to read about!

    Garden envy, here. The biggest of my squash plants is smaller than the average leaf on my mom's plants. They haven't given up though. One is even blooming.

    My neighbor has started spraying cooking spray on his tomato fruit to slow down the grasshopper plague. I'm wondering if it would work on whole plants. Waaaaaay too many grasshoppers around here.

    Hooray for new words and new ideas!

    Little Mama kitty has THREE kittens! I thought she only had the Siamese one, but she has two black ones, too. She came out for pets and scratches this morning, and the babies all came out to watch. From 15 feet away, but that's the closest I've seen any of them. So cute!

    I got a fair bit of work done this week, and have mostly decided what needs to be cut. That can wait until the whole thing is finished and I can see how MUCH has to go.