Saturday, June 19, 2021

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 6/19/21

Hello again.  Not much on the reading list, because I was busy reading my own manuscript.

I didn't pick up any new books, which I really need to do since I'm out of unread ebooks.  Ane the last two were duds, which makes me leery of diving into the free pool again.  I will, but not yet.  

Books Read: 

42) N or M? by Agatha Christie (6/13/21) - Mystery - 5 stars.  Neither new to me nor underappreciated.  I've had this one for YEARS and never read it.  Silly me.
Review: "
Ooo, this was a good one! I don't know why I hadn't read it before now."


6/18/21 - free - SF.  The author has seen the future and it is crass.  It read like a group of thirteen year old boys sneaking their older brothers' low budget girly mags and reading them under the bleachers.  

6/18/21 - free - UF.  Could you BE any more wordy?  This one was so top-heavy with description, loaded with similes, overburdened with metaphors, and rife with witty/clever little asides, I wanted to poke my own eyes out in the first paragraphs.  I tried flipping past the extremely descriptive opening, but every new experience for the MC was a cornucopia of verbosity.  It promised to be light and snappy, kind of noir mystery with monsters, but if Spillane had written like that, he would've been flogged.

Currently reading... Nothing.  I haven't shaken the gunk from those DNFs off yet.  I'll probably snag a paperback out of my collection for something I can trust to read.  Blerg.

What was your reading week like?  Please tell me yours was better than mine.

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  1. *headdesk* My fingers did something weird and blanked out my comment and reopened this window. How crazy is that?!?! Anyway, starting over. Grrr. I read 5 books, I'm at 93 on my challenge.

    93 - Shifters in the Night (Mystic Bayou, #5) Molly Harper, paranormal romance, 4 stars. She writes lighthearted stories with just a hint of suspense. This installment has a curmudgeonly selkie for a hero and a hind (deer shifter) for the heroine. It's sweet.

    92 - Lionheart (Moonshadow, #3) Thea Harrison, Paranormal romance/UF, 5 stars. The culmination of this spin-off trilogy set in her Elder Races world. Oberon, king of the dark fae, and Catherine, a falcon shifter who is a gifted surgeon. I love this story!

    91 - Night Wish (Nightriders MC Book 5), yours truly, Paranormal romantic suspense, 5 stars (because d'uh!) Long story short, I bought a copy to double check formatting and ended up rereading the darn thing so you bet I'm getting credit on my challenge! 🤣 Wiz and Gen were fun to write.

    90 - Spellbinder (Moonshadow, #2), Thea Harrison, PR/UF, 5 stars. Morgan le Fay is NOT who you think he is. The author goes a totally different direction with the Authurian legend and I thought it was bloody brilliant. In other books, Morgan is a total villain but everyone has a story to tell and his is a whopper! His heroine, Sedonie, is a human musician with no magic. It's heartbreaking and wonderful and I have all the feels for this book!

    89 - Moonshadow (Moonshadow, #1), Thea Harrison, PR/UF, 5 stars. This book sets up the plot arc conflict and introduces characters. Nick and Sophie are the H/h here. He's a commander in Oberon's army who got stuck on the earth side of the passageway to Oberon's lands. Sophie is an orphan who is given the chance for an amazing inheritance. The worldbuilding is amazing, the characters total rooting-for worthy, and then there's the Puck. I highly recommend this trilogy and it can be read stand-alone, though I would suggest reading the short "Pia Does to Hollywood" which gives some history of the conflict between certain Dark Fae and Light Fae courts.

    I'm currently listening to SHADOW STORM (Shadow Riders #6) by Christine Feehan. I'm sorta stuck at Chapter 5. I sorta want to finish since I paid for the audio book but at the same time, I don't really care. This series has such an interesting premise but I'm often disappointed in the execution and the sexy bits too often override everything else. Not sure where I'll go haver that. Probably Sean "Sticks" Larsen's newly-released book.

    Happy reading! And writing! 🥰