Thursday, June 3, 2021

Thursday This n That

Wow, it's Thursday.  I thought it was Wednesday.  Derp.  This does not bode well for the rest of the day...

I got up around 4am today so I would be alert enough to do a bunch of marketing posts early enough for them to be effective.  I just noticed a typo in all the posts to 20 or so groups.  Go to group, find my post amongst the others, delete the freakin' N, save... lather, rinse, repeat.  Guess I still wasn't alert enough, eh?  :takes off the red, rubber nose and floppy clown shoes:

I stepped out to check on my plants and scared the crap out of a deer.  They really shouldn't be hanging out in the south yard.  I hope she didn't eat my lilies while she was over there.  

There is not enough coffee on the planet today.  Personally, I think it's cruel that I can't grow my own coffee.  If the world ever takes a shit, I'm going to be one unhappy camper with no coffee and no cigarettes.  Yeah, that's what I worry about when I think about the collapse of society - coffee and cigarettes.  Shows you where my priorities lay.

Lay... lie... whatever.

The tree we thought was a Bradford pear has fruit this year... plum shaped fruit... I guess I was wrong about the species of that tree.  Or maybe I'm wrong about being wrong.  No clue.  Derp.  I also learned the trees I've been calling Royal Paulownia trees are not those.  Looking at those now, I can't imagine why I ever thought mine were that species.  Derp.  I haven't gone looking for what the real species is.  

I'm feeling especially derpy today.  Need more coffee.  Maybe a nap.


  1. Is that perhaps a persimmon tree instead of pear? Critters will love the fruit if so. It makes decent jam with enough sugar. Eating raw will pucker you up. Seriously.

    I hate typos. And I too worry about a coffee shortage. I have a list of things I'd loot if the worst happens. Coffee's at the top of the list, followed by matches and/or lighters. I don't smoke but gotta start those cook/heat fires somehow.

    I'm ready to upload the paperback version as soon as Only gets the full cover to me. GHOSTS is now live almost everywhere. Came out to 350 pages. BIG book. I can't finalize the ISBN stuff until I get an approximate price from Amazon. Gah. My brain hurst.

    Wallyworld and softball. That's my sanity for today.

    Not much else going on. Sorta looking forward to a mundane life for a few days. Monday, I'll start the next project. Until then, happy almost Friday, enjoy your weekend, hang in there, and later, tater.

  2. I hate typos, especially mine. Really need to stop proof-reading 60 year old books, though.

    Coffee sounds like a wonderful idea. I can't remember why I stopped drinking it. To get my blood pressure down, probably. Right now I want a big mugful.

    Mom's crape myrtle is blooming. I'm holding out hope mine will this year.

    A swallow built her nest on my front porch. This morning, when I opened the blinds, she swooped at the window and tried to scare me away. Sorry, kid, you gotta share!