Thursday, June 10, 2021

Thursday This n That

Hubs and I both really hate the phrase "Appreciate ya".  As much as the word(?) mybad.  The first negates 'Thank You" and the other negates "I'm sorry" - both of which are necessary to society - so we've turned them into joke phrases.  They deserve to be laughed at, so we do.

I washed the car on Tuesday.  There was a tiny tree growing in my license plate holder.  An elm.  I was tempted to leave it and just keep motoring down the highway with a tiny tree leading the way.   Alas, the tree had to go.

Oh, and while I was washing the car, I sliced my damn right index finger right at the tip, like a big papercut.  What a pain in the... well, fingertip.

BTW, papercut should be one word.  Jus' sayin'.

I'm actually going to my BFF's house for coffee this morning.  This probably isn't a big thing for you, but for me, it's major.  We've been friends for about 8 years and have never been to each other's houses.  Hell, we almost never even talk on the phone.  I just talk with her at her job.  So, yeah, major.  If you know me, you understand.  I feel like I ought to have baked something.

Since I've seen pretty much every episode of everything I want to watch, I'm back to watching old reruns of REBA and LAW & ORDER.  And sometimes even those are irritating.

In case I didn't post a picture of Rockette Raccoon here before, here she is...

...munching on crunchy corn kernels.  Ain't she cute?  She's been coming by almost every evening for about a week.  Hopefully, she'll bring her kits by at some point.  (And no, I don't for certain this is even a female.  And I have no way of knowing, so as far as I'm concerned, she's a girl.)

My zucchinis are blooming.  I really should take pics and post them on the gardening blog.

And that's about it in my super exciting life.  Yeah, about that... I forgot to post a Sunday Update, but that's okay because nothing much has been going on.  I'll try to remember this week.

What's on your this-n-that radar today?


  1. Yup. Right there with "Sorry, not sorry." Except I am that sometimes. LOL

    You know what my Wednesday was like. Thank goodness for kindness! Interestingly, here's the breakdown of the people involved: Thief - Black female. First associate - White female. Assistant manager - Black male. Friedly check-out ssociates who kept cheking on me - older White female, Black male with truly awesome dreads. Police sergeant - Hispanic male. Off-duty cop working security - White female, lesbian. Clerk at AT&T store - Black female. Yet my state is supposed to be racist. Huh. Coulda fooled me. Kindness should be freaking universal!

    OU keeps giving me heart attacks. They lost Game 1 of the WCWS softball finals (there were 2 controversial calls that might have changed the final outcome, but they lost so whatever). They came back strong in Game 2, conquering a 2-run deficiet to win 6-2. This afternoon is winner-takes-all Game 3. And there's a heat advisory. Ugh!

    My brain is still pretty much mush, as evidenced by yesterday's stuff, so I've pretty much been laying low and ignoring things. I have managed to post a blog every day, though I often forget to put up a secondary post on FB. Yes, I still hate FB, which has a lot to do with it. Maybe this afternoon before I go watch the game on soft furniture.

    I'm about to wrap up the series I've been listening to, but thats for Saturday's reading wrap-up.

    Still no clue what I'm going to write next. I need to get serious about that.

    Like you, not much else going on. I have to get out once the stores open. I need to replace my phone case and screen saver thingy and get sunflower seeds for the birds and squirrels. Then I'm staying under the AC. Heat index of 105? Just say no!

    Hope you have an awesome visit! Enjoy your day. 🥰

  2. Hey, papercut is one word! Isn't it? I'm surprised spell-check is complaining.

    Hugs on the plate cut. I guess that's (drum roll) TREE REVENGE!

    I haven't noticed "Appreciate ya" ever, and "mybad" not in ages. Around here it's "have a blessed day," which I also dislike.

    I love Rockette. She's a keeper.

    I can't think of a single interesting thing that happened this week. Hmm, the state of my life! LOL!