Thursday, June 24, 2021

Thursday This n That

I'm in some kind of mood this morning because I keep getting the urge to argue with morons on FB.  And it's about stupid stuff.  For instance, there was this math problem, and there was this guy arguing that the answer had to be 6 because when you broke the math problem down it was basically 2(2+1), but the first part of the problem had 6 divided by 2.  In what alternate universe do you ever get two goes into six two times???  I want to think he did that on purpose to see if anyone caught his mistake.  (No one arguing with him did, btw.)  It had to be that or else he's a total putz.  Maybe he's a total putz either way.  

At first I thought the division sign in the problem was a plus sign and I couldn't figure out how anyone was coming up with nine - including the calculator the poster posted an image of.  Glasses, you dork, wear your glasses.  LOL

Getting older blows.

Hubs has been leaving a special little pile of seeds by the iris bed just for Chester Chipmunk.  I made Chester a theme song.  "Chester... Chester Chipmunk.  He's the chippiest chipmunk of them all."  It works better if you can hear me sing it.

There's Chester on our front porch.  Isn't he darling?  I want to snuggle him up.  Of course, if I got my hands on him, he'd bite the hell out of me.  Wild things don't understand snuggling.

We have all these woodland creatures.  Why the hell aren't they cleaning my house?  Damn you, Disney, for giving me unrealistic expectations of woodland creatures.

I wandered the yard yesterday taking pictures.  Here's one from my front door, looking across the porch at the yard.  

The yard is great until you have to mow it.  And that's just a fraction of the whole yard.  With trees you have to mow around scattered throughout.  

Yes, we have a ceiling fan on the front porch.  Don't look at me.  I didn't put it there.  It was here when we bought the house.  Now, it's mainly a place for birds to perch while they're waiting for their chance on the suet cage.

We do so love the little birdies that we give them this to perch upon.  ;o)

Anyway, I'm running late today, so I'd better get my buns in gear.  Got anything to add from your this n that lists today?


  1. Hey, outdoor ceiling fans work for me, especially is there's no breeze! And I totally agree. Why aren't the woodland critters singing and dancing and doing my work? And I like Chester's song. I sang along with you.

    It IS Thursday, isn't it. Wow. How did that happen?

    Not much going on here. I listened to Stick's new book. It was pretty awesome but then he;s preaching to the choir.

    It's been a quiet week. Not many words but some and I need to get out of my own way to get the novella written.

    I pick up Stormy at noon from VBS and he gets his daily reading goal met in the car on the way home. We have lunch and then he watcheds cartoons and plays or makes stuff. Yesterday, he put together a couple of really cool models--a B-25 bomber and a "recuse" space shuttle. All by himself. He worked at the dining room table while his Big Daddy was working on the computer. LG said Stormy read the instructions, sorted the pieces, and put them together. The kid is waaaay too smart. It's a good thing, but...

    The week started out cool and pleasant and is ending up with heat advisories. There's a rumor of another cool front coming through this weekend which will keep things cooler (relatively speaking) next week. I'm all for that!

    And now I'm reaching so that's my this for this Thursday. LOL

  2. Chester is such a doll! Hey, is his themesong set to the Jetsons? That's what's spinning around in my head now.

    I'd love the wildlife to clean my house, too. Hmm. Maybe not. Armadillos are large, clumsy, and stinky. ;-)

    You have such a lovely view!

    Not much happening here except the heat. I love my AC and my fans!