Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sunday Update - Week 24

Yeah, there was no update post for Week 23.  I forgot it was Sunday and then I didn't really have anything to say.  I don't really have anything for today either, but I don't want to disappoint you again.

No writing or editing occurred.  I have been marketing as much as I can take.  No sales whatsoever for Duke.  I've moved 41 free copies of Wish Hits the Fan and sold one copy each of the other books (in the UK).  I'm hoping this spurs some page reads, but I'm not holding my breath.  WHTF is still free through the end of today.  The sale on the other books ends Tuesday.  Wednesday the SCIU books go on sale.  99c/99p each through the end of 6/22.

In reading news, I read some good books and DNF'd some dreck this week.

I didn't do much in the way of activity.  I mean, I washed the car one day and did the windows the next/  Other than that, there was grocery shopping and moving the container garden around.  The week I missed was more active and I'm up to 35.55 miles walked.  It's probably why I dropped a pound.  Weight: 186.2.

A couple neighbors stopped to chat while I was doing the car windows.  They had just seen a fawn.  Only one deer still looked like she was pregnant and she's probably dropped by now.  In fact, they said the fawn was super small and wobbly, so it might have been hers.  Yesterday, I saw a buck with a busted antler.  Snapped right at where it meets the head and laying over like it was attached by skin.   Poor baby.  That probably hurts like a bitch.  It wasn't bleeding, though, so that's something.

The heat spiked here so it's been hotter than it ought to be for early June.  Blerg.  Unfortunately, this means less baking and less fishing.  So, none of that.  

Yesterday, we had a big Texas black rat snake in the yard.  I tried to encourage him to leave, but he hid under a pile of boards we have under the smoking room and I didn't want to mess with it.  I really didn't want to kill it.  I mean, he serves a purpose for the most part.  And he might eat the pack rat, which would be awesome.  Did you know those snakes shake their tails when they feel threatened, so they sound like a rattler?  Silly snake... I saw your tail.  Derp.  I guess it would've been a bit disconcerting if I hadn't seen that it wasn't a rattler.  Since we do have rattlers here and all.  I guess it's time to spray the yard again.  

Chester the Chipmunk has made a home under one of my peonies.  I hope the snake doesn't eat him. Hubs thought he saw a baby bunny at dusk yesterday.  I hope the snake doesn't eat it either.  (Maybe I should've just whacked the snake with a shovel and been done with it.)

Last night, something occurred to me and I got a serious case of the sillies.  I started laughing and couldn't stop because every time I tried to tell Hubs why I was laughing the thought hit me again and I'd start laughing all over again.  What was it?  I was in the process of turning down the bed when I farted and my brain said: Farting is only your butt laughing.  That's what set me off.  And the more I laughed the more I farted and the more I farted, the harder I laughed.  It was a vicious circle.  Getting old is gross.

On that note, I'll leave you.  I hope you weren't bored reading this.  Lord knows, I've been boring the hell out of myself lately.  

How was your week?  


  1. Sitting here laughing. Been there, done that, and should try to find a T-shirt...

    Yeah, life is pretty boring around here too. Heat and humidity makes me want to sit under the fan in a dark room.

    No writing other than some flash fiction challenges. 250 words isn't much to show for how much time I spent at the computer doing nothing. Iffy's off somewhere ignoring my pleas to pick a project we can sink our teeth into. The longer I go, the harder it'll be to start something. And I have stuff to write this year. Ugh.

    The new phone is playing nice. Still hoping the thief of the old one gets hers. Still, good to know there are nice people in the world.

    My last Windows update put a weather widget thingy in my tool bar at the bottom. It is currently cloud and 78 degrees. At 8:08 am. Double ugh!

    Audio book listening has been pleasant. Since I listen on my phone, I was really ticked when the old one (which was only 3 months old) got hijacked.

    That's pretty much my week. I was really hoping your sales would bring more traffic. I love your books. Stupid people just don't like quality.

    On that note, time for my next cup and then I seriously need to buckle down and figure out something to write. If I don't, I'll be forced to clean my office so I can rearrange it and that is just...**INSERTS IMAGINARY NOPE, NOPE, NOPE MEME HERE**

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and here's to a good week for us all. Stormy is here 4 of the 5 work days. Fun times. **resists urge to roll eyes** Love the kid but he wears me out!

  2. ROFL at the farting silliness!

    I like snakes. They keep down the mice! But rattlesnakes do worry me. Most of them will leave you alone if you leave them alone, but some of them are cranky. It'd be my luck to run into a mad one.

    We're having above normal temps here, too, and waaay too high humidity. But it's been a good excuse to stay inside and get some work done. Sadly, I can already see this book will need massive pruning. My babies! I can't kill my babies! Sigh.