Sunday, March 14, 2021

Sunday Update - Week 11

Whoops.  Way late again today.  At least today I can blame the time change.  Stupid stupid time change.

In editing news, I finished the edits for Duke Noble: Rumor Has It and it's off to readers now.  It tops the scales at 55190 words.  Which is 192 pages of pure story in MS Word (TNR 12 point) pre-formatting.  I'm not rushing my readers.  They'll take as much time as they need.  Once I get it back, figure a week for tweaking and then formatting, and I'll upload it for publication.

I readjusted the cover a bit.  

With new cream colored text.  Woohoo.

Then I made a Coming Soon graphic.  (Look over there ----->)  And I made new banner graphics for FB and MeWe.  

Sixteen books ain't easy to fit on a banner and still have them all legible, lemme tell ya.

Also, I started working on the back cover copy for the book.  LAME.  Lame lame lame lame lame.  When I can produce something that doesn't suck, I'll show it to you.  Today, I'm going to read the backs of all my noir crime books and see if I can't produce something as zippy.

In reading news, I finished the book I was saving for when I got the edits done.  Yay!  It was made of awesome.

In baking news, I made Chocolate Streusel Coffee Cake - tweaking a recipe my friend, Silver, posted on her blog last week.  Yummers.  I also did quesadillas and french bread pizza and pot roast.  It was a food filled week.

On the activity front, I spent one day removing leaves from some of my gardens and three days I got walks in.  As for weight, let's just say I stepped on the scale and got right the hell back off of it.  Somehow (perhaps it's all the baking) I'd gained 4 lbs.  Gak.  Then I lost one.  185.6.  I haven't weighed myself since.  

Speaking of gardens, once I removed the leaves, I have hyacinths, crocuses, and daffodils.  Only the hyacinths are flowering yet.  Two peonies are coming up.  Another one is usually later.  And the fourth one died last year.  The lilac has leaf buds.  The Charlie Brown hydrangea is growing up from the ground again.  The irises are doing their thing.  Still waiting on several plants to show me whether the cold snap hurt them.  :fingers crossed:

In general, life is good.

How are things in your world?


  1. Getting ready to put my editor cap on later today. I need to get a scene out of my head in my own book first.

    New keyboard is an adjustment. It's a little smaller, the keys are really "quick" and it doesn't help that I have the equivalent of Saranwrap over the keys to keep my body chemistry from eating off the letters. Also the cap locks key is playing havoc with my left pinky finger.

    I hate DST. Please let TPTB wise up this session!

    I woke up at 4 a.m. the last couple of days. Only it was 3 a.m. this morning, though the clock said 4. Tried to go back to sleep. Ended up watching the DVR of Masked Singer premier. One of the songs triggered Iffy and now I have to put that song on repreat and write a chapter.

    Rained yesterday and last night. Sun today.

    Glad you liked the coffee cake. It's pretty much catnip and I like the tweaks you made.

    Good grief. It's 9:30. Only it's not, according to brain and body. Gah!

    OH! Have daffodils in abundance now. None on my B-day but there will be a big bouquet for Stormy's official B-day in a week. Fun party yesterday.

    Okay. Gotta get the head screwed on to get work done. Coffee ain't gonna be enough today. Later, tater!

  2. Yes! The title shows up much better while tiny now.

    Chocolate Streusel Coffee Cake sounds wonderful! So do quesadillas. Might make those for dinner tonight. :-)

    The mulberries and magnolias are leafing and budding out. Yay! I'm waiting to see if my crape myrtles survived the freeze, especially the ones in pots. I planted those just in case, seeing as I dug the hole before the weather set in. My sister gave me a plum tree (which Mom accidentally kidnapped and planted (long story) but we bought a new one) and I got it planted. I love Love LOVE fruit tree blossoms!

    I got some work done on the dressmaking book. It's going sloooowly, but that's my fault. Other things have been more important lately.

    I so hope the congress or whoever wises up and cancels daylight saving time! Grumble grumble time changes. I haven't talked to anyone who likes the time changes.

    btw, I'm in love with Duke. Rumor Has It is high on my favorite noir list!