Sunday, March 28, 2021

Sunday Update - Week 13

What a week...  and I'm late again, but at least it's Sunday and not Monday this time...

Monday, I pushed Duke Noble, P.I.: Rumor Has It out into the world.  The initials reviews are good, so yay.  I haven't finished the post-publication checklist on that yet, but I did format it for paperback and I'm waiting on the proof of that so I can make it live, too.  My first paperback through Amazon - not Createspace - so we'll see how it looks.  The process wasn't too bad.

Other than posting about the release, I haven't done any marketing.  We'll see what happens in the coming days.

It was a nice reading week.  It's always easier to read when I don't have writerly stuff going on.  Yesterday, a friend of mine, who was purging her book collection, posted about the books she was letting go and offered them up for basically the cost of shipping.  I picked out 8 - 3 Agatha Christies, 3 Rex Stouts, and two Piers Anthony.  Here's hoping the mail doesn't lose them.  :fingers crossed:  I know Piers Anthony doesn't seem like my usual fare, but I love his Xanth books (well, the early ones anyway) and I hope to start a collection of those.  If you're not familiar with Rex Stout, he writes the Nero Wolfe mysteries.  Anyway, I haz a happy.

In baking news, I did French bread pizza, frittatas, and granola bars last week.  Nothing exciting, but necessary.  I was also going to do a coffee cake, but I ran out of walnuts when I did the granola bars, so those will have to wait.

Guess what?  We went fishing!  Didn't catch anything and only got one bite, but it was fishing.  I had heard weeks ago that they were redoing the place where I fish, and yup, they did.  The parking lot is awesome and so is the boat ramp.  Unfortunately, the took huge chunky rocks and lined the river with them, so it's kind of hard for me to bank fish there.  So, maybe a third of my regular spots are messed up, but in that third is one of my most productive areas.  Drat.  Eh, when the water level goes down, I'll be able to walk around the rocks.  

As for other activities, I did something active 5 days out of 7, with 4 of those days having two activities.  Loads of gardening, yard work, and cleaning.  Yesterday, I was a cleaning fool.  I'd let so much stuff slide, my to-do list is hefty hefty hefty.  I didn't weigh myself at all, though.  

Speaking of gardening, I still haven't started my container garden.  Whoops.  That's on the to-do list for this week.  In other garden news, the peonies, the lilies, the columbines, and the lilies of the valley are all poking their heads up.  The lilac is covered in little green leaves and the beginnings of loads of flower drupes.  The hydrangeas are working on it.  The last remaining azalea has this season to get its act together or it'll be on the wood pile and I'll put a peony in its place.  Let's just say it ain't looking good for that one.

Well, I supposed I ought to get my buns in gear and start the day.  How are things in your neck of the woods?  


  1. Good books, good activity, good food, good reading. Sounds like a good week. LOL

    Green leaves are sprouting on the honeysuckle. Don't know if it will flower this year. I despair for the wisteria. I have a bright red/orange tulip though the daffies are starting to fade. Still, a bumper crop of them which was a surprise. The redbud is budding and the Oregan Grape has it's wonderfully scented yellow flower bracts so that's a yay. Still waiting on Carolina linden, some of the holly bushes, the smoke tree, and others. Lots of daylilies in the island showing leaves. Those trees got trimmed way back from the ice storm so they may bloom better with more sun. Still haven't looked for the peony. I should do that.

    Last week was hit or miss on writing. Reading/listening was good. Yay for Duke. Love him lots!

    Did some weeding in the south bed that is basically monkey grass (aka liorope) and several straggly nandina bushes, which may not have survived. Anyway, there were weeds so I pulled them. Some of the monkey grass looks dead but there are new runners coming up. We'll see.

    Not much else going on. I have a mockup of the cover for the next Penumbra book and the title. Not sharing yet. Only is working on the real cover. I think it's cool and hopefully will be incentive to get me to get to The End.

    On that note, here it is already a little past 9:00. I need more coffee and to get off the intrawebz. Those dang words won't magically appear on the screen when I'm not looking.

    Here's to a good week for us all! 🥰

  2. I love Duke Noble! I hope lots of people read his adventures!

    Yay to fishing! I hope your good spots get better after the river goes down.

    My magnolia is blooming, and almost everything else is leafing out. Hooray for Spring! I replanted my somnolent squash seeds and discovered that one of the sleepers came up -- after 16 days!

    I got a fair bit of work done this week. Oh, and I applied to refinance my house at nearly half the rate and payments. We'll see how that goes, but it looks good.