Thursday, March 18, 2021

Thursday This n That

Someone spoofed my name (using b.e,_sanderson) and photo last night and sent out messages to some people on my FB friends list.  I got a message from one of them alerting me to it.  I posted something to FB warning people and got a comment from my brother that he'd already reported them.  I tried looking for the numbnuts so I could report them, too, but they were already gone.  Always check the name.  I am B.e. Sanderson (personal) and B.E. Sanderson (author) on Facebook. If there is any difference, it isn't me.  If you're not sure, comment here or email me.  

They also got me on Twitter.  But I haven't actually been on Twitter in more than a year.  If you get contacted by someone looking like me on Twitter, it ain't me.  The only reason I still have a Twitter account is I don't want to chance someone else using B.E. Sanderson on there.  It's mine.

All this spoofing crap... Gah.  People with nothing better to do, I guess.  Grow up and get a life.  Sheesh.

This morning, I listened to a radio broadcast snippet wherein a woman was complaining about deer crossings.  Her feeling was they should move them to lower traffic areas so the deer won't get hit as often.  And the government should move the deer to less populated areas.  Umm... yah.  As someone stated in comments, her vote counts just as much as yours or mine.  

This past week, I have seen three hit deer.  None of them near deer crossing signs.  Those rebel deer.  Shame on them.  I also saw a hit beaver.  Why are there no crossings for those poor little dudes?  ROFL

It's Spring... which means the roads are looking like the aftermath of a war.  Critters are moving around and getting schmucked.  It seems worse this year than usual, at least here.  Keep an eye out for wildlife and slow down, people.  

Last night, there were tornadoes in the area.  This morning, we might see snow.  Stupid weather.

Speaking of tornadoes, the Wireless Alert System sends out alerts to cell phones.  Weather alerts and Amber alerts.  Unfortunately, they keep sending me Amber alerts for St. Louis and Kansas City and St. Joseph.  All of which are hours from here.  Thus, when my cell phone went off during dinner last night, I ignored it.  Once I finished eating, I was over here at the computer, scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw we had been under a tornado warning.  Yep, sure enough, that was what my phone was trying to tell me, but I ignored it because I thought it was another damn Amber alert that didn't apply to me.  Someone really needs to read Boy Who Cried Wolf to the emergency management people.  

Unfortunately, I don't get alerts for the county south of me, which is actually closer to me than most of the alerts for my own county.  Tornado in the middle or the northwest part of the county don't apply because storms there rarely head this way.  :shrug:  I'll keep taking care of myself, thank you very much.  

Okay, I'm running late today, so I suppose I should let you get back to your lives and I'll get back to mine.  Have a great day!


  1. It is Thursday, isn't it.

    Parts of the state got tornadoes followed by a blizzard Tuesday night through yesterday. We just the cold and a little rain. Same for today. I'm ready for warmer weather. And Mother Nature needs to chill out. Someone get her a drink!

    I read a great book this week. Can't wait to buy it when it publishes. 😉

    Stormy is here today. Spring break. Only planned to work from home but got notice of a HUGE FedEx delivery--3 pallets worth of stuff. Baseball Boy is in Texas for a 2-day baseball tournament so Stormy's gets to hang out with Jammie and Big Daddy, once he gets back from errands.

    I think I have the stupid WIP back in order. I'm trying to decide whether to include a fairly sexy scene next.

    Did I mention it's cold outside? I think I'm make spaghetti for dinner. That reminds me. I need to add mushrooms to my grocery list. Oh, and no chives yet. I'll look today and if none, I'll get your walnuts ready to mail. I'm lazy about that stuff. My bad.

    Not much else going on this week. Watched a few baseball games, MLB and college, on TV. We're about 2 weeks from opening day.

    Okay. My life is boring. I gotta hit Wallyworld today. Stormy may or may not accompany Jake and I. And I'm going right now to add to the list before I get distracted.

    TGIF tomorrow and then the weekend! Yay. I guess.

  2. That someone is impersonating you means you're getting famous! Yay! (?)

    The storm seems to have passed by us. No rain, though, and we really need it.

    I haven't murdered my plum sapling yet, though it may be in danger of drowning. Not so sure about the squash seeds; they were supposed to come up yesterday. I suspect I planted them too deep. With a little luck they'll sprout anyway.

    Churchill is trying to help me type. That usually means he wants me to do something else, but I have no clue what. Hmm, it's time to start dinner. He may be laying claim to the computer chair! :-)