Thursday, March 4, 2021

Thursday This n That

So, let me see if I have this right...  I, a person who has never owned slaves and hates the idea of slavery of any kind, will be forced based on my skin color to pay reparation money to people... people who have never actually been slaves... based on their skin color, because I am automatically guilty of things my ancestors may or may not have done to their ancestors who may or may not have been slaves.  Makes perfect sense.  :note sarcasm:  While I'm at it, let me whip out some money to pay reparations for the branch of my family tree that split off sometime in the late 1800s and became Nazis after my direct ancestors left Germany.  Makes about as much sense.

Shit like that makes my brain hurt.

We're having some beautiful weather this week.  I hope this doesn't encourage the trees and plants to sprout and bloom and then we have another cold snap.  It did that one year and all the blossoms on my redbud tree died.  That was sad.

I've started following the comedian JP Sears on FB and MeWe.  He's a hoot.  

In other happy news, I was contacted by an author I follow.  He messages me when he has a new book out.  YAY!  I snapped that sucker right up.  Unfortunately, I'm in the middle of edits on my Kindle and I'm trying to be all adult and junk so I can't read his book right yet.  If I weren't being adult, I'd set my editing aside (heh, like I need a reason) and inhale his book.  However, and utnostly, I made promises to get this book done and I will do that before I treat myself.  :dangles carrot:  

Yesterday morning, I was at loose ends - taking a break from editing and not wanting to just sit around - and I mentioned to Hubs that I might go out and finish some yardwork stuff.  He reminded me that we were going to do windows sometime this week and asked if I wanted to put that off until Friday.  Well, nope.  Windows and yardwork... same same.  Something to do that needs doing.  So I started working on the windows while he finished up his work and then he joined me.  I did the insides, he got a ladder and did the outsides.  Took about three hours to do the five windows in the sunroom - inside and out.  (Those are not tilt-in.  Thunderation!)  I'll get through the rest of the house windows by myself today and tomorrow.  

Thunderation... Have you seen the new Geico commercial with Captain Ahab helping a woman find a parking spot?  When he says 'Thunderation!' I about fall over laughing.  Every time.  Too funny.  And so now I've been saying thunderation because it's funny and it makes Hubs laugh.  Gotta find the fun where you can these days.

Okay, that's enough out of me.  What's the this-n-that skinny in your world?

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  1. I laugh every time that commercial starts! Hey, since my family has Indian blood on both sides, can we force everyone else to pay reparations to us? I mean, people of every color and heritage are occupying our ancestral lands. Just sayin'... (And yes, we totally need a sarcasm font!)

    Yay for windown cleaning, edits, and a new book to enjoy as a dangly carrot.

    Is it really Thursday? How did that happen? Oh. yeah. The sun rises and sets.

    Momma Cat had her kittens. No idea if they survived. I just know she's skinny again and waiting every morning for food. Smudge, BG, Hi-Jinx, Shy, and occasionally Lucifer are arouund too. Sadly, Luci looks really rough. Not sure how much longer he'll be with us. Tis the way of things.

    I've gotten some words written. Not enough but I'm plugging along. I've laid the groundwork for the rough patch between Sade and Sinjen. Now I need to get her through a day so she can disappear and Sinjen can get himself to Paris. I still have figured out the villain. Hopefully s/he reveals themself sooner than later.

    Wow. My life is so totally boring. At least our weather is nice again. Not sure any of the early flowers--daffodils, tulips, or snowdrops--will bloom. And it looks like we may have lost some holly bushes and a Carolina linden tree. Also my honeysuckle vine. Stupid -14 below temps! Fingers crossed they all come back.

    Spring training baseball is occasionally televised. That's been nice.

    Aanndddd....that's about it for me this week. Like I mentioned above: BORING. Hang in there on the edits. You got this! Later, tater.