Thursday, March 25, 2021

Thursday This n That

I finally got sleep last night.  Woohoo!  Yay!  Hubs must've also gotten a good night's sleep because he's been sitting behind me reading the news out loud (it's a thing we do).  If he hadn't, he'd be quiet and if I hadn't, I'd be zoned out and ignoring him.  

Unfortunately, none of the news seems to be good.  

I learned last night that Callahan (aka Sour Patch) got adopted at some point during my self-imposed hiatus from looking at dogs.  Yay for him, but I almost cried.  I mean, seriously, there was no chance of my adopting him, but while he was there, I could dream.  

Yesterday, I wrangled the new wild rose onto a trellis.  At one point, the damn thing whipped back at me and hit me in the hand.  Later, I noticed it must've hit me with a thorn right in the thumb knuckle and popped a small blood vessel.  Kind of gross looking, but it's better this morning.  

Also, yesterday, I was clearing the leaves and junk out of the garage bed when something small jumped out at me.  At first my brain said 'grasshopper'.  Then it jumped again and my eyes could see where it landed.  Little bitty, baby, gray tree frog.  Maybe a 1/2 inch long.  So cute.  He was a bugger to catch, but once he jumped onto my glove, he was happy to stay there - even when I was trying to encourage him to jump off into a flower bed I'd already cleaned.  I moved him because I didn't want to accidentally squish him.

Speaking of frogs, the spring peepers are peeping their little brains out right now.  I love spring peepers.  They give me a happy.

I rolled over 40 million in poker last night.

It's time for me to order more bug spray again.  It's too much for me to hope the cold snap wiped out the ticks.  Fingers crossed it hammered the oak mite population, though.  But yeah, Spring.  I love it, but it brings out the bugs.

What's the this-n-that for you today?


  1. It is Thursday, isn't it? Yay for sleep, peeps, and baby frogs. Boo on thorny roses but they are pretty eventually so...there ya go.

    I caught Loki and Jake playing last night. Loki has tried for a loooong time to get one or both of the boys to play with him. Well, Jake was doing the play bow and pounce thing at the foot of the bed last night. I sat up and caught Loki doing his Halloween cat thing and then darting under the bedskirt before darting out and Godzilla-ing Jake. Too cute but Jake jumped on the bed when I started laughing and now Loke's mad at me.

    Writing is slow-fast-slow. Not many words yesterday but a whole lot of thinking and plotting points coming into focus. I'm almost to 55K and still hoping for 60 or more. We'll see.

    Rain and chilly temps are keeping me inside for the most part. Supposed to warm up tomorrow and over the weekend. The early birds are singing when I go out around 6:15 to feed the ferals. I like the way they sound. Some mornings, I wish I had a deck where I could sit wrapped up in blanket, drinking coffee, listening to the birds and watching the sun rise. Ah well.

    Wow. Boring life this week. Ah well. Beats the alternative, I guess. LOL

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Yay for frogs! I have one singing to me right now, and I'm a loooong way from the pond. I hope he migrates back before the hot weather sets in.

    My coming finally caught up with my going, after three confused days. There's a new review sitting in Amazon's queue!

    The neighborhood water line broke a couple of days ago, and they got it fixed that day. But as of last night I still had mud in my water. It seems clearer today, but I plan to boil it for a couple of days more.

    I hope you find a dog you can take home -- and soon!