Saturday, March 13, 2021

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 3/12/21

 Heh.  It's Saturday, isn't it?  Whoops.  Sorry I'm late...

Not a whole lot went on this week because I was hip-deep in editing my own book and getting it out to readers.  Once I got the edit notes completed, I could finally read a book.  Then I had to input the notes and do other tedious but necessary stuff, so I didn't get a chance to read anything else.

No books acquired this week/

Books Read:

13) Uptown Blues: Herbert and Melacon #5 by Seth Pevey (3/10/21) - Suspense* - 5 stars.  Not new to me, but definitely underappreciated - especially since it's a new release.  I really wish more people would fall in love with this series.  It really deserves more fans.  Picked up after the author contacted me to let me know it was out - full price: $3.99 and worth every penny.
Review: "The worst part of this book was that I finished it and now it's over. Seriously awesome book, people, and if you haven't read the other ones yet, I'm a little sad for you. Because you don't already know and love Felix Herbert and David Melancon. Still, you can read this story without having read the others and not worry about getting lost in the allusions to previous books. Instead you can start reading here and get lost in this story. You can meet and love Andre, which you certainly will. And his story... It's big and it's deep, and it comes to a most wonderful and satisfying conclusion."

No DNFs:

Currently reading... I sent my own book off to readers right before bed last night, so I haven't picked out my next read yet.  I'll start something today.

What was on your reading list this week?

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  1. I'm at 39 books on my GR challenge which is on track. I finished the book I was listening to last Saturday and added two more.

    39 - Wild Wind (Chaos #6.6) - Kristen Ashley, MC Romance 4 stars. Not new not under appreciated. A bit disappointed. Lots of emotion but having the bad-@$$ biker hero wax poetic over the heroine's decorating chops, hair, make-up, clothes and shoes? Yeah...nope. She's known for her heroines going into great detail but this and the other book were in the hero's POV. Just say no, KA! That said, the hero's emotion journey was gripping though his heroine was almost too good to be true. Anyway...

    38 - Wild Fire (Chaos #6.5) - KA, 4 stars. Same as above except not quite as deeply emotional. Insta-love, a kid in trouble, a bit of suspense, and the brotherhood getting involved. Satisfying but same beef with the descriptions.

    37 - The Kinsme Universe - Ilona Andrews, SciFi Romance, 4 stars. 3 novellas set in a different world from their usual UF locales. Hadn't listened in a couple of years and I needed a quick filler before the two Chaos books.

    I found myself in a blah state of mind when it came to picking the next book. There's a few on my want-to-read list but not in the right head space so I wqent back to an old fave. Currently listening to AFTER DARK by Jayne Castle. This is the first book in her Harmony series, which in interelted to her various Arcane Society series. It's SciFi/Futuristic Paranormal Romance. And fun. I'll be done with it today and will start THE ROGUE KING from the library. It's about dragon shifters.

    Happy reading, all!