Thursday, November 12, 2020

Thursday This n That

I'm trying really hard not to be a downer out there in the world, but it ain't easy.  A friend of mine had a nice, positive post this morning and I wrote a really bummer comment to it, but I deleted it.  I mean, who needs that crap on their blog, eh?  But this is my blog and I can be whatever I need to be here.  So, if you wanted a cheery post this morning, sorry.  It's this or no post at all today.

When I got up, this morning was already looking like it was going to be a bad one so I put extra coffee in my coffee.  Soon I'll be able to hear colors.

Sorry I missed posting yesterday.  It was Wallyworld day and I got an early start on that trial.

Speaking of the Wallyworld trip, what a zoo.  Wallyworld has moved everything around again.  According to one worker there, they're doing this at all their stores to make a sort of uniformity nationwide.  So anyone who goes into any Walmart will be able to find anything.  I guess there will be some sort of map you can access with the app.  Umm, I don't have a smartphone, so nerts to you Walmart.  And I'll say it again: Totally wrong year to be doing any of this, dudes.

When the young gal I was talking to told me about the app, I told her I don't have a smartphone and she continued like I'd told her I don't have the app - explaining where I could get it.  I finally took my phone out of my pocket and held it up to her.  "I don't have a smartphone."  She was astounded.  Then I told her I'd had the phone for over 10 years.  That really blew her away.  Ah, to be young again.

Speaking of the young gal, she was a greeter.  We started talking about the chaos and masks and stuff.  She told me she's been cursed at, hit, and spit on for asking people to wear a mask in Walmart.  I get not wanting to wear a mask.  Hell, I don't want to wear one.  I get wanting to assert your freedom to not wear a mask.  They actually can't make you wear one if you don't want to.  I do NOT get hitting or spitting on a young woman who's just trying to do her damn job.  Animals.  Whoever it was was lucky I didn't see them doing this.  I would've called the police.  And trust me, they'd better not ever spit on me.  I'll end them.  (Or Hubs will.  He was justifiably pissed on behalf of the young woman when I told him the story.)  

I told the young lady to be careful and carry pepper spray, you know in case someone gets really psycho and follows her to her car.  She told me they're not allowed to walk to their cars alone anymore.  They go in pairs.  This is a Walmart in a town of about 5000 people in the middle of a very rural area.  You don't expect that crap here.  But I guess that's the world we live in now and the depths to which we've been dragged, where you have to watch your back wherever you are because you never know if the person next to you is a psycho.

Which reminds me of a line from the song "Heathens" by Twenty-one Pilots: "You'll never know the psychopath sitting next to you."  Cheery.

And on that note, I'll let you go back to your other activities.  Hang in there.  This too shall pass.  Or we'll learn to adapt to it. 

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  1. Yeah. I'm trying to look on the bright side but it's mighty tarnished these days.

    In the This Column, I've hit over 2K words every day this month. One day, I actually hit 3K+. I'm on track to finish around the 19th or 20th, which gives me time for edits and proofing.

    In the That Column, I've made myself cry. Twice. That's a good thing.

    This Column - still waiting on the yard crew to come do their chainsaw thing.

    That Column - birds are loving the brush piles and I've heard bird calls that I've never heard before. Crazy.

    I hit Wallyworld early in the week but I need to go back. I found a recipe that I really want to try but don't have the ingredients. I'll try to stave off my craving until next week. I think that belongs in the This AND That Column.

    That's it for me. My brain exploded this morning over some Texas laws I had to research for the book. Luckily, another author was also having head explosions so it wasn't just me. My coffee cup is empty. Time for a refill and then back to work.

    Hang in there. Later, tater.