Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Not Dead

Hey everybody.  Sorry I haven't posted in a couple days.  I just haven't had anything to post about that wasn't ranting or whining.  And who needs that crap, eh?  

Nothing else new has been going on.  Post-publication writing depression, but that's not new.  Or even very interesting.  

Last night, I did start thinking about one of my left-behind stories from a couple years back - unfortunately while I was trying to sleep, but hey, you get insights when you get them.  This morning, I went back and read the couple pages I'd previously written and, while they're good stuff, I remember why I stopped writing this.  I need to do a shit-ton of research to get it right. I still wrote down some of the stuff I'd thought about last night, though.  It's not a dead idea, I just have to find/make the time to do it.

I posted a snippet of the above story on Silver James' blog, if you're interested.  It fit her prompt perfectly.  How's that for serendipity?  

Anyway, I'm not dead.  I'm not even sick.  I know in these messed up times we all have to wonder and worry when a friend stops posting.  I know I worry when a friend doesn't post like they're supposed to.  But it's all good here.  We're still pretty much hermits, so not a lot of risk of getting the Kung Flu with us.  I did hug another human being I didn't live with and wasn't related to for the first time since March, but I think I'm safe.  (And she really needed a hug right then, so I felt it was worth the risk.)

So, how are you?  How are things going in your lives? 

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  1. Life is what it is. FYI, I LOVED that snippet and the premise. Do the damn research! Write the damn book! I have to go to Wallyworld today. I should get on that before the crowd hits. Also, we're under a wind warning today. Maybe some of those dead/broken branches still caught in what's left of the canopies of my oak trees will come down. Hopefully, with no people, critters, or cars under them. Still waiting on the yard crew. Word count is going up. Story is scaring me because...I'm liking it and the characters are cooperating. The one snag is that due to the series plotline, I can't end mine until "spring" since I'm the last book. Long story. I'll bitch later. Anyway, H/h meet in June. He's Wolf and not claiming his mate for 9 months? Not happening so...the romance will be resolved but the suspense not. I guess. I hope that doesn't piss off my readers. Anyway, Wallyworld. Writing. Wind. Welcome to my World. LOLOL