Sunday, November 8, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 45

 Well, as I said yesterday, it's been a week.  I don't want to talk about all that right now, so let's just talk about regular stuffs, eh?

Yeah, still not in a writing place, but I did spend some time thinking about writing and trying to make the next SCIU book work in my head so I can get it on paper (virtual paper, but still).  Cinder Ugly went live on Monday, so I did some FB posts about that.  The series went 'live' as a group, too, so there were posts about that.  Tomorrow, the sale for SU and UatB starts, so there will be posts and junk about that.

I did some reading.

I don't remember when I made cake, but I ate the last piece yesterday.  Chocolate oil cake with chocolate peanut butter franken-frosting.  I keep planning on making yeast rolls, but I take the recipe out, set it on the counter, and then later in the day, I put it back.  The thought of kneading makes my arms hurt.  Today, I'll probably use up the last of the apples and cranberries in a crisp of some sort.

Let's not talk about activity and weight, eh?  

A few days ago, I was looking through my CDs for something different to listen to and found my Chuck Mangione 'best of' album.  So I've been listening to that.  I'd forgotten how much I loved Chuck.  He gives me a happy.  

The deer are getting ready for the rut.  The boys are being turds and pushing everyone around.  The ladies are being all standoffish.  The kids are on their own and not liking it.  This, too, shall pass.

Hubs has been raking.  There are too many leaves right now to use the mower.  Once we get the big piles taken care of, he'll mulch the rest.  I've been raking a little, too, but he's doing the lion's share of the work.  I finally got into the woods and started moving deadfall into the piles.  Tidying up a bit, doncha know.  

The eagles and the sapsuckers are back.  Yay.  And we've been seeing flickers in the yard again.  I also saw a golden-crowned kinglet.  The only winter visitors we haven't seen yet are the juncos.  They'll be here soon.  Oh, and I might've mentioned that this was a banner year for berries.  The robins came through and took care of that.  Whoosh.  One morning we had scads of berries on the spicebushes and the dogwoods, etc.  By afternoon, they were gone.  A couple days later, a single robin was hopping around one spicebush, looking everywhere for berries to no avail.  Sorry, bud, you snooze, you lose.

Anyway, I think that's about it for A Week in the Exciting Life of B.E. Sanderson.  How did things go in your life?


  1. Yeah. It was a week.'Nuff said.

    Sleep patterns are totally fubar'd. It happens.

    I've managed to hit at least 2K words every day since NaNoWriMo started. I'll hit 20K total today. Then nap time.

    All the ferals are now present and accounted for, including the non-feral fatty who lives down the block but likes my food better. Ah well. In other news, Smudge is growing--up and a little bolder. And I think Queen-cat is preggers again.

    Both OSU (of the Cowboy variety) and OU won yesterday. I didn't watch either game. Stuffs to do and all that.

    Life is boring on the home front. I guess that's good. And I think I'll just copy/paste this comment and my Monday-morning blog is written. 🤣

    Hang in there. 🥰

  2. Have you read Christine Goff's birdwatcher mysteries? I just read the first one, and I thought of you. I think you'd enjoy them.

    It's been a week. The falderal should end soon. I can't wait for a bit of peace and quiet. On the news-front, anyway.

    I swear I get less and less done every week, but I did finish a few illustrations. Time to go back to work!