Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Election Day

Well, folks, it's election day here in the states. It's probably the most important election day in our lifetimes.  So, go vote.  From what I understand, it's supposed to be beautiful day in pretty much the whole country, so no excuses, eh?

If you don't know who you're voting for by now, I can't help you.  Hell, if you didn't know who you were voting for months ago, then you weren't paying attention.  Nothing I say right here, right now, is going to change anything.  Unless it lights a fire under your butt to go vote.

Hubs and I will be trotting down to the community center to cast our votes in a few hours - once the sun comes up enough so it's not in my eyes as I drive.  Safety first, doncha know.  I hate driving with the sun in my eyes.  I'll do it if I have to, but I don't have to today.  We've got all day.  We just like getting it done in the morning.

Here's hoping there are no problems like I've heard about in other places with the early ballots.  I swear, if I get there and there's even one circle already blacked in, I'm going to go apeshit.  

It should be pretty smooth here.  Not a lot of people in this area, so I don't expect huge lines.  Once, we got to the polling place and there were like three people in front of us.  Also, our polling place shares a building with the tiny local library.  They're almost never open, but they have books for sale outside in the hall, so I might come home with a few.  (Depends on if I have to wait for Hubs or if he gets done first.)

Of course, I woke up feeling gross.  Not 'rona gross.  More like something I ate isn't agreeing with me.  And I didn't sleep well.  Again.  But I'll go vote if I have to crawl across the parking lot and up the steps to vote.  (I'm not quite that gross-feeling.  And I'll be back to fine by the time we go probably. Thank goodness for coffee.)

I'd like to think that after today, this will all be over and we can go back to our lives.  But they're making it pretty clear this isn't going to be over today.  Have to make sure they count all the mail-in ballots, doncha know - which could take days... or weeks.  Umm...  If you didn't get your mail-in ballot in the mail in plenty of time to get to where it was going by now, shame on you.  And if they didn't get their asses in gear to count all the mail-in ballots by midnight tonight, shame on them.  We all want our lives back, thank you very much.

So, yeah, if you haven't already voted, go vote.  If you didn't vote and aren't going to, I don't want to know.  I also don't want to know who you voted for.  Keep everything nice and civil today - here if nowhere else.

And otherwise, have a great day.  Tomorrow will sort itself out one way or another.


  1. People here were worried about the power outages but the county election board has assured voters that if power hasn't been restored fully, the precinct polling places have generators. Not that it matters. We still do paper ballots here. The "readers" are what depends on electricity. So we can vote and submit in person and everything will get counted sooner or later.

    I saw a news clip that said Antifa plans to riot no matter the outcome. Stupid terrorist-heads. And that's as political as I plan to get in public today. Because, if you can't condemn violence for violence's sake? I have no words for you. (Generic you, not *you* because...yeah...sisters from a different mister.)

    Anyway. NaNo is going well. I'm not meeting my 3K a day but I AM hitting 2700 or better. I had a great scene yesterday dealing with a fire in a chicken coop. And yes, I did go there. 🤣

    That's about all the thoughts in my head at the moment. I have a pot of strong coffee, an idea of where Jack and Justice are headed today, and places to be at some point. After I shower. And put on real clothes.

    Keep your head down and your powder dry. 😉

  2. Also, I forgot. I got the 'Zon review up yesterday and since I forgot to hit send on Goodreads, it just went up about a minute ago. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Yes, I WAS having a series of blonde moments yesterday, why do you ask? 😜

  3. I voted early. Now it's just a waiting game.

    Trouble makers will make trouble, no matter who comes out ahead. Some crazy people enjoy rioting.

    I'm to the point I just want it to be over with.