Saturday, November 7, 2020

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 11/7/20

Howdy.  It's been a week, but I did manage to get a couple books read.

In new books, I picked up two new ebooks.  Which was good because those last two unread ebooks I had were DNFs.  I got a fantasy mystery and a British thriller.  Fingers crossed they're as good as they looked when I snagged them.  No new hardcopies.

Books Read:

73) Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, March 1994, Double issue (11/4/20) Mystery shorts.  5 stars.  Loads of new to me authors in there and this only has one review because I'm the one who added it to Goodreads.  Picked this up at the thrift store for 25c.
Review: "Mostly four and five star stories. Only one dud."

72) Rafe (Texas Boudreau Brotherhood #1) by Kathy Ivan (11/1/20) - Romance*. 5 stars. New to me but not underappreciated.  Free off the ENT newsletter.
Review: "A wonderful little sweet romance with some suspense thrown in. Just what I needed to read."


11/5/20 - mystery.  free.  Another ugh.  Again with the lack of flow.  And the victim was never introduced, he was just dead.  Why would I care if I never met the man?  Plus, there were some questionable bits I couldn't get past.

11/5/20 - UF.  free.  Ugh.  I guess I hadn't realized this was YA, but still, the writing was... I dunno... not great.  Too much backstory piled on with no flow.  Bored the crap right out of me.

11/2/20 - suspense. 50c.  A book I'd never heard of from a well-known author, which should, in itself, tell me something.  Gah.  I know he was trying to show the normal family life of his main character before shit hits the fan, but really?  I can do without the nitty-gritty.  If that's how it's going to start, I didn't hold out much hope for the rest of the book.  Thank goodness this author's book aren't all like this or I'd have a serious sad.

Currently reading... American Sniper by Chris Kyle.  So far, it's not nearly as exciting as I thought it would be.  Oh, it's pretty good.  You can tell it's not written by someone who writes for a living, though.  The flow is off.  But that's okay.  

So, how was your reading week?

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  1. I got three books in this week, started a fourth. I'm at 176 in the challenge, six ahead of schedule.Two are part of the JD Robb marathon, yada yada. The third is by this really great but totally underappreciated author I happen to know. 😊

    176 - Golden in Death (In Death #50) 4.5 stars

    175 - Vendetta in Death (In Death #49) 4.5 stars

    174 - Cinder Ugly (A Model Curse #3) 5 stars LOVED it. Watching Jeni through the emotional arc from the first to last book? Perfect! And such great twists, turns and the secondary characters were icing on the cake.

    Currently reading THE LASAREN by Dianne Duvall. I saw it in an email and could snag it from the library so put it on hold and it popped up yesterday. SciFi romance. I'm just getting into it. We'll see. I might not be in the right headspace. She's new to me but NOT undersappreciated. Yay for libraries.

    Off to pancakes, siren test, Mexican food, and then more words. And college football. Maybe. On the college football. Definitely on the words. That's not an option. 🤣 Happy reading!