Thursday, November 5, 2020

Thursday This n That

This has been the longest week ever and it ain't done yet.

I really need to wash my monitor screen.  Yuck.

Speaking of cleaning up, I've been buying these baby wet-wipes.  The kind without anything in them - no aloe, no scent, etc.  I started buying them when we had Max, because his mouth was nasty and he couldn't wash himself.  They're perfect for cats and I use them for Kira now.  They're also great for quicky clean-ups - hands, face, etc. and spot cleaning counters, floors, walls - when you don't have time to actually wash and you want something that won't leave a residue.  

I spent a half-hour before bed last night listening to classical music, hoping it would help my brain wind down.  It was nice.  But nope.  The brain still wouldn't shut the hell up so I could sleep.  Blerg.

Zipped into Wallyworld yesterday for a few things (yes, a FEW things) to discover they'd rearranged it all again.  Oh, they'd already done the 'non-food' half of the store, but this time, they'd moved the food, too.  I never did find where they moved the coffee to.  Not a big deal since I was only looking for instant this time and I wasn't there for a full on shopping experience.  Next time... well, I'll deal with that when the time comes.  Personally, I think it was immensely stupid of Walmart of rearrange any its stores this year.  Like shoppers don't already have enough to deal with.  But that's me.

I really really REALLY need to get some exercise.  My whole 'activity every day' thing fell apart a couple weeks ago and I haven't done diddly-squat.  I've only walked like a half a mile since the 11th.  And I'm paying for it, lemme tell ya.  I always feel crappier when I get sedentary.

Last night, as I was listening to music, I made a decision.  I am not going to let them take my happy.  If this goes the way its looking like it's going to go, they're going to be taking a lot of other things from us all, but they cannot have my happy.  Don't let them have yours either.

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  1. I hear you on the happy. There's a few other things they can't have either, unless they pry them from my cold, dead fingers. Anyway... 🤐

    At my Wallyworld, the coffee is on one side, bread on the other. You might check the bread aisle. Which reminds me. I should go today. Argh. 😜

    We still have limbs. The yard crew came by yesterday to see what all need to be done and will give an estimate. We'll pay it. No way can LG and/or I do it. We just aren't physically capable. 😕

    The weather has been gorgeous. I just wish I could see past the piles of branches in the driveway. But hey! Power!!! No real complaints. And the weather is beautiful. 😊

    Still chugging through NaNoWriMo. While I'm not hitting my hoped-for 3K at day, I've done over 2K every day. Hopefully, today will be better. I hit 2991 one day. I just couldn't force those last 9 words. 🙄 🐱‍💻

    Okay. Time to finish off my internet time and either put on real clothes and go to Wallyworld or get to work on JUSTICE. Decisions, decisions. 🤔 Later, tater! 🥰