Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Social Media - The Options

With the big options in social media showing themselves to be buttwarts, people are scrambling for another option.  So in addition to the FB, you can find me at MeWe and Parler. 

MeWe - seems like it's going to be a good alternative to FB.  I mean, once more people migrate over and I find my base.  I have around 200 followers on FB, and not nearly that many yet on MW (I'm sitting at 14 as of yesterday morning).  But there's hope.  MeWe promises to not censor stuff or block stuff or impede your reach.  So basically, I hope it'll actually show my posts to people who follow me and actually show me posts of the people I follow.

Parler - this seems like it's an alternative to Twitter - with parlays instead of tweets and echoes instead of shares.  It's open to everyone, but it seems like a conservative safe-haven at the moment.  Not sure how much marketing I'll be able to do there.  It doesn't seem like the place to do that right now.  It seems very serious.  Might be a good place to market Blink and Unequal. 

I've also heard of something called Gab, which I'm looking into.  Of course, the main stream media complex has deemed that one a place for all the bad white people to hang out.  We'll see.

Like I said, I'm still on Facebook.  Unless I want to shoot myself in the ass with regard to my publishing career, I have to have a presence there.  But from what I've seen over the past week, the exodus is on.

That said, I also still have a Pinterest account and I have one on Instagram that I can't use because I don't have a smartphone.  I still have a Twitter account, but only so no one else can claim besanderson as their twitter handle.  And, as always, you can reach me here and via email.  Like FB, I can't give up all the Google-based stuff without hurting myself.  Although I am trying to shift my internet searches over to Duck Duck Go.  

Anyway, that's me.  There are options out there, if you're so inclined.  See ya around the webz!


  1. LG had an invite to Parler. I'm on MeWe though I never check in there. Rumor is there's going to be a mass exodus from FB but like you, I can't abandon it, even if gobs of "my people" (as in readers!) migrate to MeWe. I'm on Twitter as little as possible. I need to focus more on Instagram. I can get there now with a Windows app on my PC and can get it even to open in my browser. Pinterest is like my bulletin board in my office. I pin stuff tat I want to find again, not necessarily to reach out. I've always mostly disliked social media but I really dislike it now. Sadly, though, how do we stay in touch with our fan base and reach out to potential new readers?

    I could spend several hours a day just posting to all the social media. I can do that or I can write, because there aren't enough hours in the day. And I can afford a virtual assistant to do all that stuff for me. Catch-22, ain't it?

    Hang in there. I'm totally with you on this stuff. I have a few more places to "hit" then hopefully, I can crank out some words today. I was hanging in at Nov. 19th for a finish date, but now I've dropped to the 20th. Gotta rectify that.

    Later, tater! 🥰

  2. I found you! It looks nice enough on MeWe. I think one thing we should consider is that it's new enough that you can possibly start a group and get a following that way. There's some advantage at being there at the start. Like everyone else, I'm kind of feeling my way around whenever I have a moment.