Thursday, November 7, 2019

Thursday This n That

Last night, just after I sat down to write, a thunderstorm rolled in.  So my word count for yesterday was 133 words.  And that was all fixing part of the scene I wrote the day before.

I decided what critter was going to attack the band of intrepid characters and it ended up being one of my own design because nothing fit what I had in my head.  So, I wrote the scene.  Then yesterday, I realized the beastie needed to be beefed up a little in the description and it needed to be gray rather than black.  And it ended up being a battle scene without any battle.  Beasties defeated by cunning.  I thought my solution was rather brilliant at the time.  We'll see if I still feel that way in edits.

For a guy who didn't want his magic or any kind of leadership role, Aryl's pretty good at both.

On the way to go fishing, a little hawk flew across the road in front of me carrying its prey.  Not sure what kind of lunch it would be having, but it was definitely something small and furry.  Too small to be a squirrel, too big to be a mouse, too dark to be a chipmunk and the tail was wrong for a chipmunk anyway.  :shrug:  Eat hearty little hawk.

With the time change, I've been getting up at 4am.  Which is good because the cat expects to be fed at around 4:30 (she used to get fed around 5:30, but time change).  The worst part of it is that getting up at 4 means that by the time it's time to call the office at 8, the coffee is almost gone and I don't want to make another pot just for a twenty minute call.

Speaking of the time change, where is this extra hour of sleep I was supposed to be getting?  Total rip off. 

Can anyone tell me why people vote YES for new taxes?  I wonder if it's because they don't think that whenever they vote for new taxes, they will also be taxed.  Maybe they think the taxes will only hit the other guy.  I mention this because we voted on Tuesday and while we voted against the new tax thing, it passed - by a slim margin, but still.  Blerg.  I guess I shouldn't bitch overly much because some of you out there are paying outrageous amounts in taxes and Missouri is still pretty low.  But I want to keep it that way and apparently others here don't.  Double blerg.

Speaking of which, our property tax bills arrived this week.  Umm, yay?  Most of it goes to pay for our shitty school system, which we never used and never will.  I wouldn't mind helping pay for the education of our youth if the education I was paying for was actually worth something.  Know what I mean?

The bucks have been stopping here.  (Yes, I went there.)  We've got some really gorgeous boys this year.  If only I could get some pics. 

Speaking of pics, I really need to wash my windows.  It's hard to get a good photo when the glass you're shooting through is dirty and has spider webs strung across it.

Wow, I've been kind of chatty this morning.  Thanks for reading this far.  I'll let you go for now so you can get on with your day. 

What's up in your world?


  1. We got the storms early. Been raining and it's freaking cold. I've been staying up late and mostly sleeping in--like 7 a.m. Today, the alarm went off at 5:30 because Lawyer Guy was supposed to be at the post at 6 for a Chamber of Commerce breakfast. He also got a call at 5:45, just as he was stepping into the shower with a request for my big mixer for pancake batter because they are expecting around 90 people, which is why I spent the week frying up 16 pounds of bacon. Someone else fried another 16 pounds and all the sausage. Blerg.

    Saw a feral kitten on the porch the other day with it's mom. As soon as I unlocked the door to take food out, kitten had disappeared. I'd so snag it up and bring it inside to be best buds with Loki. Loki needs a cat friend. He freaks the big dogs out when he tries to make friends.

    And...I need to stay away from email, speaking of pets. Just got an Adopt-a-Pet notification. The animal shelter has a Newfie. 🤦 Must. Not. Succumb...

    Moving on. Did I mention it's cold and rainy? I plan to spend the day writing, though I also need to do some laundry. I'm at 12K words there about, though some of them were on a different project. Still, words is words!

    Got my Highlander's 55K checkup done. Not bad for a 2008 vehicle. I have to replace the brakes pads, ets. in about 2K miles max. I told my service writer I'd try to get back in come January when I get another chunk from HQN. He's betting I only have 730 miles added. He's probably over estimating. 🤣

    Okay. I need more coffee, should deal with some emails and then more coffee and a timed writing spring. Too cool that the NaNo site has that capability now. AWESOME addition! Here's to manyn new words for both of us!

    Oh, and I'm really excited about your project. Just sayin'... 😊

  2. The cold front hit eight hours early, just as I was starting my morning walk. Sooo not dressed for it! A *very* short walk today.

    Churchill is a little under the weather. But then, so am I. Blaming mine on cedar pollen. Churchill probably ate a gecko.

    Today is dad-sitting day, and I'm almost looking forward to watching cartoons all day. Even Puppy Dog Pals reruns are better than most of the crap on daytime TV. I don't think I have enough brain power to read, much less write.

    Many of my trees turned red this year. So pretty! With the wind picking up there are red leaves fluttering all over the yard. I love watching them.