Thursday, November 14, 2019

Thursday This n That

I went fishing yesterday.  It was cold, it was windy, and chances were that the fish wouldn't be biting, but I really needed to blow the gunk out of my pipes.  You know the days - when you feel like throat punching the world and so you yell at the cat.  (Kira doesn't care, but it's still not a good thing to do.)  It worked... it usually does... and I came back in a better mood than when I left.  And HAH, the fish were biting.  I only caught one undersized bass, but I was getting loads of bites.

While I was gone, Hubs was raking leaves.  The guys were working on building the house next door and they waved him over to talk about stuffs.  While they were talking, Hubs learned that the one guy's lady is from Michigan.  He didn't remember the town exactly, but it's about an hour north of Detroit.  And when he was telling me what he thought he might've heard, it sounded like a town pretty near to where I grew up.  Not THAT would be totally 'small world'.  This bears further investigation, because if she actually is from there, it would be total old home week.  And if she isn't, it's still pretty small world if a gal from Michigan moves next door to two other people from Michigan in SW MO.  Know what I mean?

Back to yelling at Kira.  That's the thing about cats versus dogs.  You yell at a dog, and they are totally effected by it.  You yell at a cat and they're all like 'you got a problem, it's your problem not mine'.  If Kira could flip me off, she probably would.  On her way back to bed.

Oh, while I was out at the lake, I saw what I thought was an abandoned goose egg laying amidst the detritus from our last big rain.  And I thought 'wow, something that fragile survived all the wind and the rain and everything', so I picked it up to bring home.  Then I noticed it wasn't an egg at all.  It had spots top and bottom like a seed pod of some sort.  And it was empty.  When I shook it, it rattled.  Upon doing some internet research, I learned it was an Ozark Nest Egg gourd.  They only grow around the Ozarks near rivers and streams.  Cool.

My work email has been down all week.  Something about the provider getting hacked or something.  They're routing as much as we can through alternate addys and they're sending stuff through my private email, but because it's down, they aren't getting what they're supposed to be getting - ie most of the spreadsheets I do.  Blerg.  Hackers should be dipped in honey and staked to an ant hill.  They never think about who they might be hurting when they do their crap.  Little guys like me, that's who.  Little companies like my family's business, that's who.  And even if they go after big companies, that shit rolls downhill to the consumers.  The little guys.  :steam:

I saw a great blue heron yesterday.  Beautiful birds.  Not the prettiest of noises.  Anyway, he honked/grunted at me as he flew by.

Okay, that's about enough out of me.  What's up with you?

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  1. Gourds can be awesome. Yay for fishing and bites and clearing out pipes. Boo on hackers. It IS a small world. Cats vs. Dogs is a real thing. Okay. My this and that.

    Jake and I went to vote for an open city council position. I don't know why the previous council person couldn't fulfill their term. Three choices--a former Marine who's crazy (not because he's a vet but because he's just crazy and yes we know him), a w woman who creeped around in her car at odd hours, stopping in front of houses and making notes whose activity was then posted on the Nextdoor app (and was confronted, hence we know she was running for council) and a woman who never distributed campaign literature so I have no idea what her platform was. I voted for her. She didn't win. The vet did. Jake wore his SDIT vest and freaked at the sight of the building. Part of a church but could look like a pound or shelter. I assured him, and he was fine after.

    I'm getting NaNo words every day. Sometimes it's the bare minimum but most days are at least 2K. The story is progressing nicely.

    I'm tired of the cold. I want fall back. We went from summer to winter in 24 hours.

    Lets not talk about leaves. The yard guys haven't come in a couple of weeks. They're supposed to come twice a month during fall and winter to deal with leaves and trimming trees. Haven't seen them since mid-October.

    Have I mentioned I hate DST?

    And that's about it for me. My life consists of coffee, words, and occasional outings with Jake. In other words, boring. Later, tater!