Thursday, November 21, 2019

Thursday This n That

I totally scored at the thrift store yesterday.  Ten books, five bucks.  I snagged the last book in the James Herriott veterinarian series.  I snagged the next book in the Vince Flynn series that I didn't have but need if I want to go on reading them in order.  (Along with a few other Flynns that I already had, but now I have better copies.)  I also got a couple Agatha Christies and a Phyllis Whitney.  Oh, and a Michael Crichton. Plus an additional suspense. 

I also scored a new release! It's the third book in a self-pubbed mystery series I'm fangirling over.  The author actually messaged me to let me know it was out.  Total one-clicker.  I dropped the book I was reading and started this one as soon as I sat down to read again. Woohoo.  So far, so deliciously awesome.

BTW, I'm not a total spaz.  I have lists on which books I have and which ones I need by the authors I collect.  (Okay, maybe that makes me a spaz.)  I just don't carry them with me, so I have to rely on my memory, which sucks on the best of days.  So I buy every book I see by the authors I collect, keep the better copies, and take the others back to the thrift store.  Since I'm only spending like 50c per book, it's not breaking me and several local charities get money and donations.

Last night was pizza sub night again.  It's an addiction.

Speaking of addiction... vanilla ice cream with a dollop of peanut butter stirred into it and then topped with either dark chocolate sauce or caramel sauce.  Love it.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is a week from today.  I don't even have a turkey yet.  Or stuffing.  Or cranberry sauce.  And I gotta buy some pumpkin.  So, basically the whole TGD meal needs to be bought.  Hubs will cook it, of course.  Except dessert.  But the shopping is on me.

I think that's it for me this week.  What have you got to this n that about?

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  1. I fixed patty melts last night. Lean burger topped with grilled sweet onion between two slices of cheese (pepperjack for LG, sharp cheddar for me) on butter-grilled Texas toast. Totally worth the calories! 🤤

    Busy week with some chauffeuring, errand running, and some author kerfluffles. Not a lot of words written but a tad each day at least. My really productive days put me ahead on the word count so a cushion but I gotta get this book finished. No expections today because every time I do that, something knocks me off track. 😲

    Weather's in flux. Warm, chilly, dry, wet. And leaves everywhere. I have the sniffles as a result. Stupid allergies and sinuses. 🤧

    Jake had another Wallyworld field trip. I'd bough decaf. HORRORS! Took it back and got real coffee. While waiting in the customer service line, one of the gals came out from behind the counter and asked to take his picture. He's a celebrity now. 🙄

    I've had two nights of light sleep--up and down. Ugh. That's not condusive to ANYTHING! It's hard to get motivated when you crawl out of bed already needing a nap. 😴

    We're headed to the BiL's for T-giving. My only assignment this year is hot rolls. I got that easy peasy. Might have to do a pie or two just for us thought because...T-giving! 😋

    And....that's pretty much this for me this week. 😊