Saturday, November 30, 2019

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 11/30/19

Hello again and thanks for stopping by.

It was Thanksgiving week here in America.  Not that it makes a difference.  I don't think it was the reason why I only finished one book this week.  I didn't DNF any either, so that's good, I guess.  I also didn't pick up any new books.  I still have 6 unread new ebooks on my Kindle - mystery, supernatural thriller, paranormal mystery, romance, technothriller and SF.

Books Read:

104) Separation of Power by Vince Flynn (11/29/19) - Political Thriller - 5 stars.  Neither new to me nor under appreciated.
No Review.  Because it's Vince and he's gone and his older book sales don't need me and there's some other dude writing his books now.

Currently reading... ?  I finished the Vince Flynn last night, and I haven't picked up a new book yet.

I hope to have a better reading start to December, so stop back by next Saturday.

I also hope your week was amazing - both in reading and in everything else.  :hugs:

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  1. I finished off 6 books this week, one just this morning, and one was a short story. I tagged you on the short story. You can read it free at Tor. Amazing! Anyway, a brief rundown:

    Finished off Kristen Ashley's Chaos series, neither new nor underappreciated, with WILD LIKE THE WIND and FREE. WLTW a favorite, definitely 5 stars, and FREE was a great end to the series, also 5 twinklies. I followed that up with QUIET MAN, novella set in the larger, interconnected world KA created in and around Denver. It's ostesenibly a continuation of her Dream Man series, but also a start of a sub-series called Dream. It was a fun 5 stars.

    Then I caught a "book" in one of my emails and checked it out on Goodreads. "All the Snake Handlers I Know Are Dead" by Dennis Danvers was originally a free short story from Intrigued by the title and the description AND finding the link for the free read (only .99 to actually buy), I sat down and fell into the story. It's beautifully written magic realism. I loved it and will search out other works by Danvers. That's the one I tagged you on when I reviewed it for GR.

    Looking around for my next "listening read," I discovered that a series I'd started then stopped when not all the books were available in audio now had all the books available. I don't buy this author because I can borrow her books for free either from my library or my subscription to Hoopla, which is free through my library. I've discussed Lani Lynn Vale previously. Her books are whacked, she plays loose with facts and reality but there's just something about her characters that sucks me down that rabbit hole, just like Alice. So, I relistened to the first 2 books of her Freebirds series, BOOMTOWN and HIGHWAY DON'T CARE. The series is about an army unit now out of service who ride motorcycles, own a garage/custom shop, live in a compound of duplexes they built on the grounds of the shop and have an "underground railroad" where they rescue and relocate abused women. Anyway, her heroines are wacky, her heroes very cool. They get between 3 and 4 stars and are definitely not for everyone but this author sells boucoups books so...something to be learned there, maybe. Anyway, just starting #3 in the series, ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST. We'll see how it goes. There are 6 books total.

    As far as my GR challenge goes, I'm 10 books ahead at 238/250. I fully anticipate meeting/exceeding my challenge this year.

    Happy reading! Oh, and GO MICHIGAN! You know why. 😉