Saturday, November 23, 2019

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 11/23/19

Hello again! Time for the weekly wrap-up of my reading and for you to chime in with what you've been reading.

Early in the week, I found a couple more ebooks to read - a romance and a political thriller. Wednesday, I got notification that the third book in an indie mystery series I love just released, so I scooped that up  Then I hit the thrift store and scored on paperbacks - 10 for $5.  The big deals out of that were a Vince Flynn I've been looking for, an Agatha Christie I don't have, and the last James Herriott.  Then yesterday, I hit another thrift store and got 8 more paperbacks for $1 - including 4 Christies I didn't already own.  SQUEE!  Plus, I saw a neat freebie SF advertised on FB, so I snagged that, too.  Loads of books to read for me!  YAY!

Books read:

103) The Witness Tree by Seth Pevey (11/21/19) - Noir Mystery*#3 - 5 stars.  The series isn't new to me, but since this one was a new release, it's definitely underappreciated.  Mine was the first review at Amazon and at Goodreads.
Review: "I snagged this as soon as I heard it was released, set aside the book I was reading, and dove right in. I inhaled it, it was that awesome. Mr. Pevey knocks another one out of the park. The twists, the turns, the surprises... and through it all, my old friends Felix and Melancon (because they do feel like old friends now) hunting down a mystery and battling the bad guys while battling their own demons. And they win, of course, because I couldn't possibly enjoy a book where the good guys don't win. This is the good stuff, folks.

The worst thing about these books is waiting for the next one. And since this is a new release, now I have to wait for him to write a whole other book, get it edited, and get it published. :heavy sigh:"


11/18/19 - YA SF.  Free.  I'd read other books by this author and loved them.  I suspect, this time, I was too old to connect with the characters.  I wanted to shake the MC and tell her to get over herself.  Time to move on.

11/17/19 - political thriller - picked up from the thrift store for 25c.  Meh.  Someone had recommended the author to me, so I got this book.  She said she hadn't read that one, so I'm not faulting her for it.  It was probably a fine read.  I just couldn't get into it and I don't have time to push through something that's not interesting me.

Currently reading...  Separation of Powers by Vince Flynn.  I don't usually put the titles for books I'm currently reading because I never know if I'm going to finish it.  This one?  Oh, yeah, I'm gonna finish it.  It's Vince Flynn.  Duh.

What has been on your reading plate this week?  Anything yummy?

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  1. Still on the massive (and I mean MASSIVE) KA re-listen. I'm on the next to the last book in her Chaos series, then I have her new Dream Man novella that ties back in with her original 4-book Dream Man series, the last book of which leads into the Chaos series. Her series are all very incestuous that way. LOL Current book is number 233 out of 250 in my challenge. Since this is my 3rd time through this book. It's heartbreaking and sexy and thrilling and sweet and I remember wanting to throw it against the wall but...Kindle and/or iPhone. Has to do with some plot threads from previous books. KA threads deep plot twists throughout all of her series which, as an author, I totally appreciate and which I was better at, while as a reader, when she leaves major points dangling for two freaking books.... 🤯

    Anyway... Time to get some words out tonight. Later, tater.