Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 44

Hello again.

I'm writing again, cuz like it's NaNo time.  So far, I've added 2105 words to this Untitled Fantasy.  Of course that means I'm behind by 1229 words, but I'm okay with that because, hey, I'm writing again.  Sing it with me.  Hey hey, ho ho, this empty page has gotta go.  What I'm doing right now is going through what I've already written and adding stuff during the afternoon, and then I'm adding new words onto the end at night.  Slow going with the adding new words because I'm trying to get a feel for the story again but I expected that.  :shrug: 

You'll notice a ticker here at the upper right corner of the bar.  It shows where I'm at for the day.  There's a ticker on Outside the Box that show where I am overall.  Red means behind in either case.

The Dennis Haggarty sale wrapped up.  Let's not talk about it, okay?  October was a bad bad month for sales for me.  Today begins The Semi-Spectacular Dystopian Sale.  Blink of an I and Unequal are both on sale for only 99c/99p. 

Reading wasn't in the cards last week.  I spent the majority of the week reading through the fantasy so I would be ready to write come Friday morning.  Yesterday, I DNF'd a book and started the sequel to a book I loved the week before.  Oh, and I got some news yesterday - the third book in a series I've really enjoyed is dropping soon.  The author posted the cover and when I asked, he said sometime in the next couple weeks.  Squee.

Since it's NaNo, which means a boatload of writing but also a boatload of procrastination, I cleaned under and behind the stove Friday morning and yesterday morning I baked then I went and did woods work. 

The woods are a total mess since last I stepped into them.  Loads of fallen limbs and dead vines and leaves on the paths.  Yay!  One series of vines we hacked a couple years ago has finally given up the ghost.  And it was one that had a big widow-maker limb hanging off it.  Well, it dropped some and the widow-maker was within reach, so I grabbed the end and started walking away.  The weight of it pulled the rest of the vine free from the tree and it all came crashing down behind me.  Used the limb saw to hack it into manageable pieces and threw them on the wood pile.   It's good to be in the woods again.

As for baking, I made Apple Cranberry Bread.  Since the recipe is in a cookbook, I won't have it available to post here until I take the time to type it up.  It's pretty yummy stuff.  (And it's healthy, too.)

In activity, I did 5 days out of 7.  Cleaning and woods work and walking, with one day fishing.  No weighing this week.  Maybe I'll do it before my shower this morning.

I didn't catch anything worth mentioning during my fishing trip.  Froze my buns nearly off, though.  And got some good exercise as I clambered all over the park looking for where the fish might be biting.

This week, I really need to do some heavy duty cleaning.  I've been in such a malaise about doing anything this year.  Now that I've found my gumption to write, I'm seeing all the other stuff that needs doing. 

Oh, and the stupid time change was last night.  We don't set clocks back until we wake up in the morning.  Not sure about the wisdom of that since I originally got up at 4:30 which was now 3:30.  I made myself go back to bed for an hour, but meh.  I think Trump could win by a landslide if he did an executive order doing away with Daylight Savings Time.  Set the nation free from this travesty!

Well, that's it for me.  I should probably go do some marketing now.  What's been up with you lately?


  1. Yay for the writing! Me too! I'll update on my Monday morning blog. Also, I hate DST.

    I have piles of limbs and wild grapevine to cut back but the city delayed their fall big pickup until December. Grrr. And the leaves are falling. Hopefully, the yard guys come soon to get caught up.

    Not much else going on but...NEW WORDS!!!!

  2. Yay for new words! Every one counts.
    I read "Hey hey, ho ho," as "High ho, high ho." Showing my age, here. Or retreating into my childhood...

    I probably say this every year, but I deeply envy you your woods.

    I love the sound of Apple Cranberry Bread! But only if I can make it gluten-free and in my bread-maker. ;-)

    I hate, hate, hate the stupid time changes. I still have four clocks I need to get the ladder out to change. Weird of me, but I LOVE clocks. Just not messing with them.

    Ordered another proof of the dressmaking book. I think (hope) I got it right this time. And two people have pre-ordered the Kindle version! Woohoo! Just when I was kicking myself for doing the pre-order thing, but now I'm happy. :-D