Tuesday, November 5, 2019

NaNo Day Four - Paused for Research

Okay, so I'm writing a fantasy and there are beasties, of course.  But my memory of all things beastie is failing me.  Thus far, I've been leaving myself notes - :insert minor monster here: - when I can't think of the name of something and want to keep writing rather than stop and research.  Last night, however, I hit a spot where just leaving myself a note wasn't possible. 

You see, there's a spot where the intrepid band of good guys gets ambushed by something and there's a battle scene and in order to have a battle scene, you kind of have to know what your characters are up against. 

So, last night, I paused writing to do research.  I got one good scene out before I reached the point where I had to start this scene.  Then I stepped away, grabbed my big book of magical creatures, and got busy scanning through the pages to see if I could find the one that would fit this particular scene.  And I made a list for later of things that could potentially be used for all those notes I left myself. 

By the time I was finished, it was almost time for the season premier of Holiday Baking Championship, so I didn't get back to the book.  But that's okay.  I'm totally not kicking myself for being behind.  I wrote close to 800 words and that ain't bad, considering how many days this year I wrote zero words.

I'll have to do some more research before tonight's writing session.  I have a list but I'm still not certain what would fit.  Something smaller than a human but larger than a dog and semi-intelligent but totally vicious - made more vicious by being shut up in the mists for a thousand years - that hasn't been done to death in other fantasy novels.  And it can't fly.  I already have flying beasties elsewhere.  A dragon (naturally) and some wyverns.  Plus, flying critters would change the battle I'm envisioning.  And nothing too out of the ordinary.  If the average fantasy reader ain't never heard of it, I better have a really really good reason for introducing them to it.

Anyway, I'm having fun with the whole process. 

I know, doing research after the first of November is a no-no.  Maybe if I'd known for sure I was going to dive back into this, I would've done some research in October, but I didn't, so there I am.  And I think as long as you don't fall down the rabbit-hole of research, you can still accomplish your goals.

Right now, I'm about 2K words behind.  And that's okay.

So, how are things with you? 


  1. I'm bad on names so I'm also leaving notes because once I hit stride, I don't want to stop! I thought yesterday would be a bust. Only called early. Stormy was sick and neither she nor Baseball Boy could take off work to stay home and he was sick enough they had to strip his bed to the mattress and wash everything (if you get my drift...). So, off I went to the far north. Two hours after Only left, Stormy was up bouncing off the walls. We did manage to do some of his school work and his reading assignments. I managed about 1K words in fits and starts and while I was ahead, I wouldn't have much cushion. Plus, I'd been on a roll of over 2K words a day but for the first day (I got the minimum that day). I came home and fried 8 pounds of bacon (have 16 more pounds to fry by Wednesday night--long story), and then managed to write another 1K plus words so I'm still ahead of the curve. Yay! Today? I don't know. The morning is off to a rocky and slow start, I have an appointment for an 55K mile checkup on my vehicle and there's all that bacon. I hope to write some while I'm at the dealership, but people tend to want to "visit" so...yeah. Might be another long night but hey! I'M FREAKING WRITING!!!!!

    Good luck with the research. I can't think of any critters off the top of my head that would work for you but I'll think on it. Gotta grab a shower and get ready to head out. Later, tater. And KEEP WRITING!

  2. You can't write a battle scene without knowing what you're fighting -- your research was absolutely necessary!

    I've started the 1880s book, and I'm ignoring the stuff I was supposed to do first. That'll bite me eventually, but I'm just not up to it at the moment. Technical stuff must be resolved first. ;-)