Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 46

Hello again.  It's been a week.  For the most part, a good one, but a little bumpy here and there.

In writing news, I wrote 6587 words.  Would've done more, but I took Thursday and Friday off due to things.  Last night, before I wrote, I sat down and kind of roughed out the next several scenes. Then I got words out before things and then Live PD hit.

Marketing for the OUAD sale kind of fell apart.  The ad's supposed to go live today, though, so I have hope.  Not a lot of hope, but it's there.

Reading went well.  I finished three books, which is cool.  I do love reading so.

Yesterday was a baking extravaganza.  Okay, it was only two things, but after making granola bars and then oatmeal cookies, I was kind of shot for more baking.  I did, however, do a pot roast.  Yummers.  The day before I made a vat of chili.  Before that, I did pork chops and scalloped potatoes.  Today?  Maybe apple cranberry bread or apple cake, if I'm up to peeling and paring apples.  And leftovers.  Lots and lots of leftovers.

After baking, we went into the woods and played for a while.  Fun fun.  I love playing in the woods.  Maybe I'll do more of that today. 

The guy building his house next door got a survey done.  Now we know exactly where our NW pin is - three pins down and from that we can approximate where the 4th one is.  Yay.  We've been guessing for 6 years.  (Yeah, we thought we had a surveyor coming out.  He never showed.  We called again and he said next time he was out this way, he'd do it.  He never showed.  Then in the height of summer, he wanted to do the survey.  Umm, no.)

The leaves are nearly off the trees now and that means raking can begin.  I did the small south yard.  And then I paid for it on Thursday and Friday (and a little on Saturday).  It does look nice afterwards, though.  I love our trees, but cleaning up after them is a pain in the back.

Hunting season started here yesterday.  Keep a positive thought for our deer.

And I think that's about it.  Or at least, that's as much it as I can think of right now.  How was your week?


  1. It was a week. I got words written. Some days, lots of words. Some days, not so many but I'm ahead of schedule on #NaNoWriMo, so it's all good. 🧐

    Listen to a series of favorites series that all lead into one another. For like the sixth/seventh time. 🤫 I know, but comfort reads!

    Jake made his first trip to Walmart. I dashed in to get two cartons of soymilk, but used a cart. He did amazingly well. Have to go back to day to get ALL the groceries. Jake will stay home with LG. 🐶

    Speaking of LIVE PD, I want to use Sticks and Darrell Ross (TPD) for cover models. Just sayin'... 😏

    Stormy's last soccer game was yesterday. He scored 2 goals and assisted on 1. ⚽

    And that's about the sum total of my week. Oh. LG and I swept sand, leaves, and dog hair and he ran the vacume. He's now taking a nap. I cleaned out the clogs from the vacume cleaner (he doesn't get that it has to be cleaned EVERY TIME because...dogs and leaves! 🤦‍♀️ Sheesh). Now I want a nap but Wallyworld. 😴

    Have a great day! What's left of it.

  2. You really rocked with the words today! Hooray!

    I finally finished cleaning up illustrations and ordered a new proof today. The darn problems only show up in the print version, and my dressmaking books mostly sell in hardcopy. But after getting it sent off I got to work on the new book a bit. Yay!