Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 47

And here we are again.  Forty-seven weeks into 2019 and only 5 weeks to go.  I'll be glad to shake the dust of this year off my boots, lemme tell ya.

Not as spectacular a writing week this week, I'm afraid.  One day I missed entirely and several of the other days were low word count days.  I'm way behind on my NaNo goal.  On the upside, I'm still writing and I'm still feeling good about this story.  Well, mostly.  The self-doubt monster is lurking at my shoulder, whispering mean things in my ear on a daily basis.  One week left to NaNo, but I don't care.  I need to keep this going past the end of November.  Write, write, write.

Last week's big sale was a semi-bust.  I mean, I sold books, but I'm still about $15 short of the ad paying for itself.  Which almost never happens with this venue and this series.  I'm blaming market saturation.  Next ad for this series really needs to go out to a group of subscribers who haven't seen this ad before.  And I'm blaming Facebook with their new rules and algorithms.  The reach of my posts to the groups has been severely truncated.  No reach = no sales.  Stupid FB.

I didn't finish reading more than one book last week, but it was an awesome one.  And I had a really good haul on hardcopies to fill my collections.

Since last weekend was a total bake-o-rama, I didn't do much baking this week.  I had enough ingredients to make one loaf of apple-cranberry bread yesterday and then I had to go to the store.  I'm going to be doing something in pumpkin this week.  Not a pie.  I don't do pie.  Bread probably.  Or cake.

Ah, the store... With Thanksgiving coming up, I did the full-on TGD shopping.  Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce (jellied not whole - I do not do lumps in my cranberry sauce... ew), dinner rolls.  I also got cans of pumpkin for baking, but I forgot the evaporated milk.  Ugh.

Don't even ask about the exercise/activity this week.  I fell down on the job there almost entirely.  Weight = 182.2.  Of course, it was hormone shot week, so the extra couple pounds could be due to that.  Or it could be due to eating and not exercising.  This week, I vow to do better.  There should be some good days to get out in the woods and throw logs.  Plus, we really need to get a move on with the raking.  This was a big year for leaves.  Oof.

The days really blended together these last couple weeks, so I'm not exactly sure what I did this week in the rest of my life.  Stuffs.  I spent the majority of Friday thinking it was Saturday, and the majority of Saturday thinking it was Sunday (with a little morning panicking because I didn't have this post done and ready to publish).  Here's hoping I find a more even keel this week.

What was your week like?  Are you ready for TGD?


  1. It was a week. I got words written. I got plans for a 2021 book in the same series made. I trained Jake with a longer trip to Wallyworld. He did great--even got smiles from the OCSO deputy working security and the OCPD officers who arrived to do...whatever. I did see them walk a guy out as I was leaving but he wasn't in handcuffs so who knows?

    I fixed pattymelts that were yummy. We had breakfast for dinner Friday night and it was yummy.

    And I wrote words every day. Some big days some barely scratched but words every day and its such a relief! Do NOT let your monster talk. Get ear plugs. Turn up the music. Drown the damn thing out! You ahve a book to finish writing. You got this, sister, and I got your back!

    Cheers to a new week. Oh, and I only have to make home-made rolls for TGD. Easy peasy.

  2. No monsters are allowed to inflict doubt upon you! On your characters, sure. Bat that SD critter away!

    I love whole-cranberry sauce! Not too fond of the jellied stuff, though.

    We're doing enchiladas for Thanksgiving. Yum! (Did I already mention that? Memory is the first to go, and I can't remember the second thing.)

    The 1860s dressmaking book is live! Yay! Now I just need to write a blog post and figure out some marketing. Yuck. ;-)