Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 45

Only 7 weeks left to 2019.  Whoa.

I am hip deep in NaNoWriMo.  Wrote every day this month - even though the NaNo site thinks I missed a day.  I forgot to update on one of those days and it won't let me go back and change it.  One day, due to a thunderstorm, I only got 133 words out, but I wrote that day, so it counts.  The counter thing here shows the truth of it.  As of last night, I'm at 11446 words for the month, 9341 of those this past week.  The book itself is at 67322 words.  Anyway, I'm really excited about this.  And as long as I can keep away from people online saying things like 'is your fantasy just a regurgitation of other fantasies?' (a general post, not someone speaking specifically to me) which makes me doubt what the hell I'm doing, I'll be fine.

I didn't do much marketing for the dystopian sale.  With FB not showing my posts to many people, it was almost like 'what's the point?'  I have another sale starting Wednesday and running through to the following Tuesday night - the Once Upon a Djinn books are all 99c/99p.  There'll be paid advertising for that one.

Also, not much reading last week.  I blame NaNo.

In baking news, I made another Romanian apple cake.  This time, I remembered that I had a secret ingredient - hot apple cider drink mix.  Add one teaspoon when you put in the cinnamon.  It elevates it to a whole 'nother taste level.  I also made meatball subs.  OMG, so good.  And BBQ pork chops.

It wasn't the best week for activity.  A lot of fishing at the beginning of the week, but few actual calorie burning things.  I did weigh myself earlier in the week - 179.6 - so that's something.  I can't seem to bounce past that number.  Maybe if I stopped making such yummy food.  ;o)

The fishing right now stinks.  Apparently, I missed the 'fall fishing' thing again this year.  It must've been like a week long or something.  I had people tell me they caught loads of bass, but I didn't catch doodley-squat for fish.  And now it's too cold and all the fish have gone deep again.  Bugger it all.

Speaking of cold, we're supposed to maybe have snow tonight.  I could care less if we ever got snow, but since we didn't want to move farther south than we are now, we have to put up with it when it comes.  Oh well. 

And that's about that for me today.  How was your Week 45?


  1. Yay for your NaNo progress!

    The latest proof for the 1860s book arrived, and somehow I missed noticing a dozen smudged illustrations -- the problems don't show on the screen at all, but look terrible on paper. So back to the drawing board, using every Photoshop trick I know (not many) to clean them up. Slow going, but I think I'll meet my release date of 11/25/19.
    I'd rather be working on the next book!

  2. I was off line yesterday. Our high was 76. Today? It's been downhill since midnight and is currently 27 degrees. I don't even want to think about the wind chill. We have to go up state this afternoon and evening. Our 93 yo USS Enterprise WWII vet is being honored. We're in charge of getting him there. I'm debating on whether to drag out the sheepskin rancher's coat.

    I'm at 19,906 words. I hope I get at least the minium today. Sadly, some of those words are from a secondary project but words are words.

    And now I need to hit one more blog and get off the net. Gotta get ready (and find something dressy but warm to wear!) and then maybe dash off some words before we leave.

    Glad to see your words mount up and sorry about the fishing.