Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 50

Two more weeks to go before we put 2018 behind us.

My week was devoted to getting Unequal ready to publish.  Yesterday, I finished the last of the editing/polishing.  Did a couple hours in the morning and then worked from 2pm to 7pm with a short break for dinner, but I got it done.  Today will be formatting and uploading so it will be live tomorrow.  As promised.  (Unless Amazon delays it for some reason.  I have no control over that.)  I'm sure things aren't perfect.  They never are.  As I told Hubs last night, I could probably pick up any of my published novels and find things I would want to change, but at some point, I have to say 'enough'.

If there's anything in there that doesn't make sense or is flawed for some reason, the fault is entirely mine.  AWE tries to whip me into shape, but she doesn't always succeed.

Got the Goodreads listing up.  Go forth and Want to Read it, if you're so inclined.

I finished reading one book at the start of the week.  Didn't even bother to start anything else.

I got out in the woods and did some trail raking for about an hour.

Yesterday, during my morning break, I ran down to Wallyworld and picked up our Christmas present to ourselves - a carpet cleaner.  Walmart on the Saturday before the Saturday before Christmas is an interesting experience.  Especially since I did not get there as early as I usually do.  Whoa, Nelly.  It was very peopley out there.  But the cleaner we wanted was on sale, so I braved the peopley.  Our carpets will be cleaned by the end of the year.  (We both promised to not clean carpets until our work was done.)

Let's not even talk about activity or exercising.

Last night, after I had finished the typo-checking, and after a pot of coffee, I was WIRED.  Holy cow.  You coulda put me on a treadmill and powered Des Moines with the energy.  Then I crashed, which was good because I really needed sleep.

The plan for the rest of the year is to enter a vegetative state.  Unfortunately, I have spreadsheets to do and marketing stuff and a sale coming up and...  I'll vegetate sporadically.

How are things in your world?  Ready for the end of the year?  Ready for Christmas?  Ready to read Unequal?  ;o)


  1. Argh. I just managed to FUBAR my comment. sigh*

    In shorthand--got decorations up while JGG was here Friday. Writer's Christmas party was fun but I was exhausted by the time it was over. Fell asleep for the first hour of LIVE PD. Good thing I both DVR'd it and it reruns at 11.

    Off to mark and stalk UNEQUAL.

    I'm ready for 2019 to get here. Gotta be different than 2018, right?

  2. I want to read Unequal!

    Trail raking counts as exercise in my book. :-)

    Echoing Silver: wishing for a happier 2019 for all of us!