Saturday, December 1, 2018

Saturday Reading Wrap-Up - 12/1/18

Hello again.  Not a great week for actually finishing books.

Great week for buying books, though.  I went to the local St. Vinny's and discovered they'd gotten a bunch of book donations in.  Someone donated a whole bunch of Vince Flynn novels, which I scooped up.  (Only bought 2 that I already had, so that's a win.)  Got a Bradbury hardcover and a Robert Parker hardcover.  Found another awesome Phyllis Whitney.  Picked up an old copy of Life with Father/Life with Mother by Clarence Day.  (If you've never seen the movie Life with Father, it's a hoot.)  And a Tolkien. Oh, and Follett's big thick historical sequel - Winter of the World.

I also downloaded one new ebook.  It's a quirky thing that Amazon is listing as hard-boiled crime, but it's got some SF/F elements, so we'll see.

Now, onto my less than stellar reading week...

86) A Matter of Love and Death by Caron Albright (11/30/18) - Historical Cozy Mystery*# - 5 stars.  New to me and underappreciated.  $2.99.
Review: "Cute! Fun mystery with a bit of romance and plenty of interesting historical bits. Mostly about Australia, of course, but that's part of the allure. I loved Jack and Frances, and all the characters. Definitely worth a read."

DNF 11/27/18 - Paranormal Cozy Mystery.  99c.  Meh.  I couldn't connect with the MC and it had some premise problems I couldn't get past.  Then she added a new character who didn't make any sense to me. 

DNF 11/26/18 - Thriller.  Picked this up on a whim while it was free, so no great loss.  Other than time spent.  Dropped it at about 40%.  I made more allowances for this one than I usually would because it was a translation from another language.  After a while, though, enough was enough.  It was interesting, but at the rate it was going, I realized I wasn't going to be able to give it more than 3 stars, and that's my limit for continuing.  I think I'll stick to England and her colonies from now on.


I'm currently reading Robert Parker's High Profile.  Oddly enough, I've never read Parker before.  In fact, I thought I'd bought a Raymond Chandler until I went back and looked.  It's a Jesse Stone one.  I've watched a few of the TV movies, so it's no big deal that I'm starting with book #6.  Except I keep picturing the MC as Tom Selleck.  :shrug:

And that's my reading week.  What did yours look like?

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  1. Well...of course you do! I can't imagine Jesse Stone looking like anyone else. LOL

    I can't remember where I left off last week. I think I was rereading Jayne Castle's Harmony SciFi/Paranormal series. Well, re-listening to them anyway. Then the library pinged and the audio book I had a hold one dropped into my app. HEARTSTONE by Elle Katherine White. It's sort of Pride and Prejudice with dragons, wyverns, and other magical things. I'd won a copy of the second book, DRAGON SHADOW, from the publisher and wanted to reaquaint myself with the world. I'd read the first book for a contest and thought highly of it. I had an extra Audible credit so I went ahead and dropped it on the audio version of DS. I'm enjoying it, though it's dragging a bit. When I get done with it, I'll pick up the Harmony series where I left off.

    And that's my reading week.