Saturday, December 29, 2018

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 12/29/18

It's the last reading wrap-up of the year.  I think next Saturday I'll do a wrap-up of all the wrap-ups.

Anyway, I did a lot of reading, but not a lot of finishing books.  The bio-thriller was a page-turner, but it's a long book, so it took me longer to read.  Same with the romantic suspense - which I finished after this posted, but I added it here rather than to next year's first post.

I went a little crazy and picked up a slew of new ebooks this week - a paranormal romance, two urban fantasies, a regular fantasy, a paranormal mystery, a historical mystery, a fantasy mystery, a farm mystery... Someone really needed to stop me somewhere along the way.  On the bright side, I should have a lot of fun things to read in the new year.

 95) Fly Away Home by Genevieve Davis (12/29/18) - Romantic Suspense*# - 5 stars.  New to me and underappreciated.  Free when I picked it up. 
Review: "Enthralling book. It started out like a suspense, then shifted to a romance, then more suspense, then more romance. The romance angle gets wrapped up by the end, but the suspense thread still has so much more to go when you reach the last page. Which is when you find out more of the story will be told in the next book. Kind of an ARGH moment, but the book still deserves 5 stars.

It's not always an easy story to experience. The author really delves into the depths of domestic abuse with the glimpses of the heroine's backstory. But I think the author did the subject justice and created the right sense of it all while showing how the MC can become a strong, independent woman. Definitely worth a read.

And as soon as my budget opens up again, I'll go looking for book 2. Gotta see what happens and if what I think is coming actually is. Gah"

Note: There is no Book 2 yet.  Argh.

 94) Ebola Cell by RJ Spears and Scott Spears (12/26/18) - Bio-Thriller*# - 5 stars.  New to me and new overall, so it's super underappreciated right now.  Hopefully that will change because it says at the end that if they get enough interest in this book, then they'll release a sequel.  Ugh.  Paid full price - $3.99.  It was worth it.
Review: "Excellent book. Scary in an 'it could easily happen' sort of way and full of twists I didn't see coming, Awesome resolution to the crisis and a satisfying end to this story. Whether it's the end of Frank's story remains to be seen, I guess."

DNF - UF? (12/26/18) - I didn't make it very far in.  Paid 99c.  It was supposed to be urban fantasy, but the beginning was more like a wildlife documentary - complete with shades of 'nature good humanity bad'.  Bleh.  Not really into that crap.  

I'm currently reading a romance that leans toward the romantic suspense, kind of like a Harlequin Intrigue, but self-published.  I'd hoped to have it finished last night, but while it's exciting, it's not a fast read.  I'll have it finished as my last book of the year, though, meeting my updated goal of 95 books for 2018.  Finished it before 8am, so I added it to this post.  Goal met.  Yay!

I decided not to start a big, meaty book for the new year because I downloaded so many other books that I don't want to have to wait to read.  Maybe I'll save the meaty for later in the year.

What good things did you read?

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  1. I had to go back to Goodreads to see what I read in the last week. Things are sort of a blur. Mostly, the books were relistens (Suzanne Wright's Phoenix Pack paranormal romance series, already like my 3rd time through) because nothing new was catching my attention. I did download a couple of books from the library, Lara Adrian's BORN OF DARKNESS, which is the 1st book in a spin-off from her Midnight Breed (vampires but...not) series. I had read any of the MB books in quite awhile but this one caught my eye. It was typical of her writing but good. 4 stars. Then I read A SHIFTER CHRISTMAS CAROL, a short novelette in Jennifer Ashley's Shifter Unbound series. It was a play on the classic and fun. 4 stars. Next up is another library audio book, Christopher Moore's THE STUPIDIST ANGEL: A HEARTWARMING TALE OF CHRISTMAS TERROR. Don't ask. I'll give my verdict next week.

    Oh, and I had to up my GR Challenge again. I'm at 260 of 263, though I'll finish 261 in about 5 minutes and move on to 262. I might have to up it again by midnight Monday to 265. LOL

    Good reading!