Tuesday, December 18, 2018

I Don't Understand

I don't understand...

Bacon Soap.  Yes, that says SOAP not SOUP.  Why would anyone want to smell like bacon all day?  Or any other food for that matter?  I mean, I have vanilla scented body spray, but every time I use it, I'm hungry all day.  ALL DAY.  Walking around in a cloud of bacon would drive me insane.  And everywhere you go, you'd be making other people hungry, too.  People drooling and groaning... It'd be like a zombie apocalypse out there.

And old book perfume.  I love old books, but I don't understand the need to smell like them.

Are pants with JUICY across the ass a thing anymore? Because I never understood that.

I saw an author the other day whose marketing plan was a list of reasons NOT to buy his book.  I didn't read the list.  Maybe I would've understood the thinking behind it if I had.  Reverse psychology, perhaps?

Apparently, vantage point is one word in Canada.  I don't understand why it's two words here and one word there.  Then again, there are a lot of words I think should be one word, but they aren't.  I can't think of any at the moment and I don't understand that either.  Why is it every time I want examples for something, my brain refuses to give them to me?

Some punctuation rules. Some of them seem illogical.  Here anyway.  Occasionally, you see the same punctuation with different rules in the UK.  Their rules seem more logical, so I use theirs.  Sometimes.

I got contacted the other day by a toxic person I'd cut ties with years ago.  They were asking for publishing help.  Sent me their manuscript and everything.  I don't understand the thinking behind that.  Deleted the email and blocked the addy.  (Which I'd already done years ago, but they came at me from another addy.)

There are lot of other things I don't understand, but if I keep going, we'll be here all day and it'll start to get political or cultural or whatever.  I'm not in the mood and you probably aren't either.  And that's something I can totally understand.  ;o)


  1. Well...that was a ballsy move by that person. Good for you for blocking.

    I don't understand any of the stuff you bring up. I'll add spelling to your list. For instance, I went to CENTRE College which is the exact geographical CENTER of Kentucky. And the Oxford comma. I like it. Apparently, it's no longer a thing.

    I need more coffee before I fall down the rabbit hole... ;)

  2. Yuck to bacon soap! But then, I'm a vegetarian.

    The only way I can see a "don't read because" list working is in horror. Don't read it because it will scare you to death, lots of blood and torture -- some people love that sort of thing, and will read because of it.
    Not me.

    I like British punctuation. And Oxford commas. Both make more sense than America rules, much of the time.

    (Runs screeching from toxic people!)