Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Short Attention Span Theater

Since my attention span is short, I thought I'd offer you what I like to call 'Short Attention Span Theater'.

I am mere pennies away from hitting the $3K mark for sales since I started this in 2015.

Yesterday, someone bought all four books in the Once Upon a Djinn series.  In paperback.  Yay.  And thank you to whoever you are.

The cat's UTI seems to be all gone, but she still has two days left on the meds.

She's still trying to spit them at me.

Still haven't attempted the Christmas cards.

Yesterday, while someone was buying my books, I was out raking leaves.  I'm sore today.

They're predicting a winter storm for Friday.  Supposed to get 4-8 inches.  Of snow.  Gah.

The other day I was frying up some ham to go with breakfast and a tiny piece of it jumped out of the pan and landed on my arm.  Not pleasant.

Speaking of burns, I was watching a baking competition and on one episode, a woman grabbed a pan without a potholder, burning her hand pretty good.  She stood there, holding it and waiting for a medic.  There was a sink RIGHT THERE.  Get that bitch under cold water.  Sheesh.

I burn myself a lot when I'm cooking. Remember the time I forgot that a burner had been on and I put my hand right on top of it.  Yup.

Another bird ditched into the picture window.  A chickadee this time.  He wasn't broken, just stunned.  I held him and kept him warm until he felt well enough to fly away.

I hate that birds keep flying into that window, but I do enjoy holding them.  Except when they poop on my hand.  :shrug:

I've noticed that as it gets closer to Christmas, more of my spam has to do with package deliveries I'm not getting and online orders I didn't make.

Any short things to add?

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  1. We're only supposed to get 1-3 inches this weekend. That means we'll get none or a blizzard.

    I woke up to discover I sold 10 books yesterday. Banner day. I'm lucky to get 1 or 2 these days.

    The feral cats are funny. Some will let me pet. Some meow at me. Some run and hide until I'm gone, despite the fact I've been feeding them for over a year. You'd think they'd know by now.

    I've been driving around with birdseed in the back of my car. I keep forgetting to unload it.

    I'm constantly discovering red "bruises" on my hands and arms. I've banged up against something and didn't realize it. Being old sucks.

    I need more coffee but I'm too lazy to make another pot.

    I foresee a Starbucks stop when I get out and about. It's still below freezing and I'm waiting for it to hit a scalding 33 before venturing out.

    Reference above, I can't wait too much longer for Mother Nature to cooperate.

    It's trash day. The bin was only half full. I hate putting the trash out when it's cold/rainy/bad outside when it's not full making the trash guys' route longer. But, Friday's weather is supposed to be worse and the trash WILL be full then.

    And...that's it for me.