Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thursday This n That

Mentally, I am a crispy critter right now.

The new keyboard that company sent me to replace the one where the letters rubbed off in a month?  It was worse.  The T key worked intermittently and the B key kept getting stuck.  And the letter were rubbing off!  I used it a whole week.  And I'm not even writing a book right now.  I unplugged it and threw it on the floor.  Then I went into my stash of old keyboards, found the Lenovo one I loved (that the letters have rubbed off of, too, but it took over a year) and I'm using that.  I bought some paint in the craft section of Wallyworld to touch up the letters on it.  Never again with VicTsing or whatever the hell that thing was.  I told Hubs to do with it what he would - stomp on it, hit it with a hammer...He took it to the garage.  Later, I went out there and stomped on it.  It's sitting out with this morning's trash.

Speaking of the craft section at Wallyworld.  The gals who work in there are awesome.  I am not a crafting type person, but every time I step in there, they're so helpful and cheerful.  I told her I was looking for craft paint and she led me to a whole section of the stuff, then she helped me pick out which one would be best on the hardened plastic of a keyboard.  Especially helpful since I didn't have my glasses to read the darn bottles.  Then she said, 'if it doesn't work, try putting clear nail polish over the paint'.  Gah, I wish I'd thought of that years ago.

Later in the bread aisle, I struck up a conversation with a gal who might've been 10-15 years older than me.  (We were both looking for cocoa - which they'd moved to across from the bread.)  She was a hoot.  We both were cracking it up.  Then for some reason we got serious and she said something about it being a shame she can't be anywhere and not be afraid of people, and how she feels silly but she worries about people breaking into her car or following her home.  I showed her the pepper spray I carry in my pocket at all times.  It is a shame, but it isn't silly.  This is the world we live in now.  Where even in the back of nowhere you have to watch your ass. 

I spent some time clearing trails in the woods yesterday.  It's a lot of work, but it's good for me and it makes nice places to walk without fear of stepping in a hole or on a snake.

It's supposed to rain from now through Saturday.  Bad for being outside, but great for keeping my butt in this chair.  4 days. 

Speaking of which, I should probably wrap this up and get my buns in gear.  Drop your this n this or any comments.  I'll be around here somewhere.


  1. I got the outside lights up. My back and shoulders are killing me today.

    I have no idea of what day it is. I haven't all week. So much for my "planned blog topics" to keep me on track.

    It's drizzling. The wind is gusty. Glad for the drizzle. Keeps the leaves somewhat in place.

    I bought--years ago--plastic keyboard covers. Sadly, too late for some of the letters on my split Microsoft keyboard. Still, kept them from gettin worse. Well worth the expense.

    It's Thursday, right? Stick a fork in me, I think I'm done. ;)

  2. Nail polish is a great idea!

    Today I went dad-sitting. The book I took over was boring, so I most watched cartoons. The news is too depressing to watch.