Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Kicking My Own Butt

There are times when the lazy and the procrastination get out of hand and I need to kick my own butt.  I spent yesterday morning whining about how much I had to do and how unmotivated I was.  Then I kicked my own ass and got to work.

I had three major projects to complete this week.

1)  Finish editing Unequal so I can get it published on Sunday for a Monday release.
2)  A packet of work arrived from the pay-job.
3)  Creating and manipulating spreadsheets for 2019

A fourth project arrived in the email yesterday, which was another set of spreadsheets to do.

Right now, the fourth project takes precedence because no one else gets paid until I complete it.  I'll get that done this morning.  After that, it breaks down like this:

Finish #2 this morning and get the line edits done for #1 before bed tonight.  The rest of the week, keep working on #1 and do some #3 as time and brain power allows.  Usually it's better for me to do spreadsheets in the morning and do writerly work later in the day or at night when my brain is better suited to it. 

And I still have to find time for Christmas cards.  Some people might get them late.  Sorry.

So, yeah, yesterday.  I was watching House reruns when it hit me that I really needed to get off my ass.  So, when the episode I was watching finished, I turned the damn TV off (yes, another House was starting and the patient was played by James Earl Jones, but I pulled my big girl panties up and hit the OFF button), had a cigarette out on the back deck, made a pot of coffee and got to work.  About 2pm.  I worked until 7 with a brief break for dinner at 5.  Then I vegged for an hour and went to bed.  From 2-4 I worked on pay-job stuff, from 4-7 I edited.

I didn't get nearly as much done as I would've hoped, but looking back, I made some significant headway. 

And now, I really need to step away from the internet.  #4 is calling my name.

Have a great day, folks.  I'll try to check in from time to time.

1 comment:

  1. Wait! #4? That wasn't on the list....

    New Year's cards. The only way to go!

    I didn't get much done yesterday but I got a little done. Today is lots of hunting, hauling, putting up, etc. I need to get outside stuff done while the weather is nice. Inside stuff can wait until Christmas Eve. Maybe. I also need to pick up cleaning and get groceries. But I have to find my recipe for Saturday's romance chapter Christmas party to put ingredients on the list.

    And...maybe I'll get some writing done. Maybe.

    Later, tater!