Thursday, December 6, 2018

Thursday This n That

We finally got all the leaves pushed back into the woods.  Not sure how many hours it took to rake all the leaves into piles, but it took like 5 hours (over 4 days) to move the piles.  That last hour on Tuesday was a full on, 'gonna get this done today' extravaganza which left us both sore.  But it's done.  Yay.

I love Vince Flynn.  If you're into political thrillers with tons of action where the good guys always win and justice is done, pick them up.  American Assassin (not the first written, but the first in Mitch Rapp's timeline) was made into a movie, but it was made after Vince died, and I'm not sure what Hollywood would do to it without Vince there to rein them in, so I'm staying away from it.  If you want to try Vince without getting sucked into Mitch Rapp's world, try Term Limits.  It was AWESOME.  I just finished reading Transfer of Power (first written, but not first in timeline) last night for the second time.  Sometimes I just need to read about good guys kicking terrorist ass and Vince delivers.  Someone else is writing Mitch Rapp books now, but I probably won't read those.  =o(

I'd scan a cute picture for you, but my scanner is currently occupied with holding my 'to be filed' pile.

It's the last month of the year, which means I need to start thinking about next year's spreadsheets - both my book ones and the pay-job ones.  I'm not ready to think about next year.  At all.

Kira got her last meds last night.  Fingers crossed it was sufficient to keep the UTI at bay for a while.

And that's it for me today.  How about you?


  1. I'm going to make one more run to the store today to stock up on essentials--just in case. The winter storm could be everything from rain to a foot of snow and/or ice.

    Of course, Starbucks is doing their Starbucks for Life promotion and I'm a sucker so I do the buying to get chances. This weeks deal is to purchase five days in a row. Of course, the last two days to get my 3 free plays are tomorrow and Saturday. I'll get out tomorrow early but Saturday? Depends on the ice. Oh well.

    A third black feral cat has appeared. It looks very similar to Shy Cat--big and fluffy, and like Midnight--fluffy tail, but it doesn't have a notched ear like Shy and Midnight is sleek but for his tail. The new cat decided it liked a smell out in the driveway, plopped down and rolled. It has a white belly. I was shocked.

    Speaking of ferals, I've set up two shelters on the porch in anticipation of the weather. I hope they get along.

    I'm tempted to rake the uncollected (ALL of this year's batch) leaves onto the walk and driveway as preemptive ice treatment. I am irked that the lawn guy hasn't appeared to rake/blow/collect/haul off the leaves. The BiL pays him to do this. Grrr.

    Bonus LIVE PD last night. Yay!

    Can you tell there's zip going on in my life at the moment? Besides a lot of procrastination?

    I'm not thinking about next year either. *holds up crossed index fingers to ward off evil*

    And that's it for me...

    1. Right now, if we don't have it or we run out of it before next week, we don't need it. I hope your trip to the store was stress-free. Fingers crossed for no ice so you can make your Starbucks runs. Good luck!

      Yay for your ferals. You're such a good foster-mommy.

      I am irked for you. I hope the leaves help de-slick your driveway.

      Yay for extra Live PD! We watched about an hour and then went to bed. More for reruns!

      You need a shot in the ass. Not from me, of course, cuz I have a tough enough time shooting myself in the ass.

      Ward off some evil for me, too, while you're at it. ;o)

  2. Churchill got his last meds last night, too. Sort of. He finally spit them out all over the place. Or I missed his mouth... I'm trying to decided if I should give him one more dose.

    Spreadsheets. Yeah. Time to to that. Um, later. I still have three weeks. ;-)

    The neighbor's big trees are shedding - all over my yard. But as windy as it is, I figure they'll all disappear in a few days.

    It's supposed to rain this weekend. Yay! We need it.