Thursday, December 27, 2018

Thursday This n That

First off, deconstructed Black Forest Cake:  1 box chocolate cake mix, two cans cherry pie filling, two tubs of whipped cream.  Step 1: Make the cake.  Step 2:  Dump the contents of both cans of pie filling into a bowl, seal it, and put it in the fridge.  Step 3: Once the cake is cool and the cherries are cold, put everything on the counter and let everyone have at it.  I recommend a square of cake then cherries then whipped cream.  ;o)

Tuesday was an eating day.  From about 7:30am until 3pm, I ate everything.  Then I laid around like a slob.  I finally ate a bowl of cereal around 6 because I didn't want to go to bed without dinner.  I should've just gone to bed without dinner.

We did take a walk after the 3 o'clock cake.  It was a must.

I started writing this Tuesday night, absolutely certain the next day was Thursday, which continued into Wednesday morning when I began finishing this post up so I could publish it.  Luckily, I figured out which day it was before this went live.  Holidays mess me up something fierce.

On Christmas morning, I was absolutely certain it was Sunday.  As such, I almost forgot to call my mom because I never call her on Sundays.  Derp.

The kinglets are back.  I saw a ruby-crowned kinglet and a golden-crowned kinglet together.  I think they were scuffling over turf.  They're so CUTE.

Any this n thats today?  Did you get anything neat from Santa? 

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  1. I'm messed up on days too, and will be until next week. *sigh*

    Big traditional dinner here Christma Eve with kids and the good in-laws. We did stocking and opened presents. That meant LG and I got to sleep in rather than getting up at the crack of dawn and trekking to the kids' house for Santa and presents. Evidently, JGG didn't like that so much so I guess next year, we'll have to get up and go. *sigh* I'll admit I enjoyed the hell out of being a slug all day, with turkey sandwiches for dinner.

    Got some GCs and cool stocking stuffers. Also got those chocolate-covered gooey cherry candy things. You'd think in 35 years of marriage I would have convinced LG and I really DON'T like those suckers! I'm trying to figure out how to use them in some sort of recipe. I have two boxes of those suckers.

    Mother Nature is going through menopause. Just sayin'.

    Caught a peregrine falcon having lunch in a neighbor's yard the other day. Way cool! Also sighted lots of hawks on my almost-daily route of march while running errands. Always love to see the "brothers."

    Finished and reviewd UNEQUAL. Dammit! I have issues but those are spoilers. Can't trust anyone. I hope Bruno turns out true. LOL Tricksy you, I never know.

    I think that's all the this, that and another I've got at the moment. Is it nap time?