Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Year-End Wrap Up

Hmmm...  This might be kind of boring, but I like to go back over the year for myself and set everything in my head.  Out with the old year, in with the new, eh?

January:  I started out the month editing furiously on Blink of an I and got that off to the editor for her second round of edits.  Then I started editing Early Grave.  We also spent a lot of time working in the woods.

February: Sent Early Grave off to the editor and got Blink back for final edits.  Got about halfway on the woods project.  Watched the Olympics.  Got derailed by a life thing, but managed to get Blink published on time.  I finally finished reading the first book of 2018 - Shogun.  What a beast.  Oh, and I started my 'eat healthier, get more active thing' this month.

March:  Seems like this month started out kind of boring.  I was working on edits for Early Grave.  And I cleared the garden beds of all the leaf litter.  I notice that this was the month I ordered a bunch of plants for the gardens.  It was also the month I started posting my weight to the blog.  186 pounds.  And I began weaning myself off Mtn Dew.  Got the gardens planted and got Early Grave back to the editor.

April:  There was Easter, which we celebrated with salmon and scallops instead of ham because of the eat healthier thing.  This was the month I got food poisoning.  And did a boatload of pay-job work.  Early Grave was published to the sound of crickets.

May:  I spent a lot of time gardening and editing Sleeping Ugly so I could send it to the editor for Round 1.  This month also so an epic heatwave for the month of May.  I turned 48 and we celebrated 14 years of marriage.

June:  I got Sleeping Ugly to the editor.  Yay.  I was supposed to use June as a NaNo type month and get SU#2 written.  This did not happen.  I started my Saturday Reading Wrap-Up series.  We had company for the first time.  That was cool.  It was also a huge cleaning month - because company. Both the exercising and the eating right were rolling along.  Down to 182 pounds.

July:  Got SU back from the editor, so there was loads of editing going on.  I got 'em done (barely) and turned it back around to her.  Which was good because I got with the cover artist for SU, too.  Saw the first fawn of the year.  Yay.  We were stuck in a drought which crapped out my gardens.  This was also the month of the grain bug invasion.

August: Another month where I was supposed to be writing UatB.  Did not happen.  The Kid turned 25.  SU went live.  And I worked on Unequal to get it ready for AWE.  The summer drought ended.  Down to 180.4 pounds.

September:  Got Unequal to the editor.  Committed myself to finished UatB.  Umm, no.  I transferred all my paperbacks from Createspace to Amazon.  Down to 179.6 pounds.

October:  Got UEQ back from the editor and worked on edits.  Did some fishing and created a retaining wall for the cedar bed.  I replanted the iris beds.  I got down to 178 pounds and then by the end of the month, went back up to 180.

November:  Finally got the edits done for UEQ and sent it off to the editor.  Wrote some more words on UatB, but still didn't finish it.  We did a boatload of raking.  And there was Thanksgiving.  I stopped weighing myself.

December:  UEQ went live.  Other than that, the month was mostly prepping for Christmas and getting ready for 2019.  Oh, and I'm finishing the year at 179.6 pounds.  So, that's about 7 pounds lost for the year.

All in all, it wasn't a terrible year.  I got four books published, like I wanted to.  Lost some weight, which was good.  Got healthier.  I never did finish Ugly and the Beast.  Here's hoping that actually happens in 2019.


  1. How can you remember all that?!?! When I look back, 2018 is a blur. I did some stuff. Some stuff didn't get done, which clogs up the drain for the new stuff coming in 2019.

    Ahahahaha. That could be a metaphor for my current headspace--a backed-up drain. Time to get the Draino and a rotory snake, I think.

    Here's to an awesome 2019 for all of us!

    1. LOL, I didn't remember it. I went back over my Sunday Updates for the year and cobbled this together.

      Love the Drano metaphor. Drano and a Roto-Rooter - send your troubles down the drain. ;o)

      From your lips to the universe's ears. Bring it on, 2019!

  2. You are so ambitious! Not me. Silver's head may be backed up, but mine is completely empty.

    1. I think that's the first time I've ever been accused of being ambitious, Deb. LOL. Here's hoping you find something to fill you up soon. Filled but not clogged. ;o)