Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thursday Was a Day

I'm posting here instead of Outside the Box because yesterday was a day.

I started the morning off by checking a thing, which wasn't done when I assumed it would be done, which made me wonder if the undone thing would totally harsh my life.  Wait for said business to open.  Call.  Spend a half hour on the phone listening to the same song in a continuous loop.  Finally get a person, only to be told the thing could take up to 7 days to get done, but not to worry, their system shows it's done, so it's all good.  But check back after 7 days if doesn't show as done on my end.  Derp.

So, I decided to go do some Christmas shopping.  Retail therapy, doncha know. Wallyworld was a zoo, but it's all good.  Got my last person bought for, so I can pack it up and ship it in plenty of time.  Yay.  Oh, and before I went to Wallyworld, I stopped at St. Vinny's.  They recently received a whole bunch of book donations.  I went a tad crazy.

I was feeling pretty good about it, though.  Until I got home.

It seemed Kira's recurring UTI decided to pick yesterday while I was gone to start up again.  I called my new vet and learned they are closing the practice.  Like today's their last day.  They're retiring, which is awesome for them, but totally sucks for me.  I call my old vet and the office gal is out to lunch.  The gal tells me to call back at 1pm.  Which I do.  The office gal tells me the vet can't take my word for Kira having a UTI and just give me meds.  They need me to drop Kira off and leave her there, maybe overnight - depends on whether she gives them a sample on her own before they close at 5.  Get dressed for being out of the house again, pack the cat in her carrier and off I go.

Seeing as Kira never pees in public (which is anywhere outside her enclosed litterbox), I expected she'd be staying overnight.  I get out of my clothes.  Again.  Settle in.  Finally eat lunch at 2:15.  But I still keep the phone nearby - just in case.  And I don't take my usual nap.

4:15... the phone rings.  It's the vet.  Well, wouldn't you know it?  She DOES have a UTI.  Imagine that.  And I can come get her.  Okee doke.  They close at 5.  They're a half hour away.  And I have to get dressed again.

Zip down, get Kira and her meds, back home at about 5:20 (perhaps I bent a few speed limits here and there - on the straightaways).  Give Kira her meds and she spits about a third of the dose all over me.  Then she won't eat her food because everything tastes funny.  I try putting some fish oil on it.  Nope.  Fine, I'll wait.  New food at 6pm.  That's okay, maybe, if she has to.

So, that was about 180 miles on the car and I was totally bushed.  No edits last night.  We'll see what today brings.

On the bright side, I got a bunch of books.  And on one of the trips, the sun broke through the dismal gray clouds just in time to highlight a bald eagle.  So majestic.

How was your day?

Edited to add:  This was supposed to go live on Friday but I screwed up.  Thus the confusion in the post and comments. 


  1. It was a day. And this didn't show up in my blog feed until like a little bit ago. Weird.

    Sorry for Kira, and you. No fun to have a fur baby under the weather. And bummer on all the wear and tear plus extra mileage. Hang in there. Tomorrow/today is Friday.

    And I hope that thing got done and it all works out like it's supposed to. *hugs*

    1. It wasn't supposed to show up in your blog feed until this morning, but I screwed up. Shows what a derpy-head I was last night.

      She's already better this morning, and we caught it early, so not as bad as it could've been. Just an exercise in frustration. On the upside, I slept like a rock last night.


  2. Hugs to Kira and all your traveling! LOL re: her spitting her meds out. I'm still giving Churchill oral antibiotics, and I'm waiting for him to get me that way.

    Yay for 'new' books! And for seeing a bald eagle - too cool!

    Today was dad-sitting day. Nothing else got done. I gotta get my act together and get more work done. Oops, I promised to dad-sit tomorrow, too. Oh, well, I'll work one of these days.

    1. Thanks, Deb! Between Kira, Max, and the Kid I've had more meds spit on me over the past 25 years than I care to think about. LOL

      Yep, gotta find the positives in life. Yesterday it was books and birds.

      You'll find time to work. :hugs: