Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thursday This n That

Totally forgot to post on Tuesday.  In my defense, I can't seem to grasp what day it is lately.  It's like every day is Monday since last Wednesday, which was Friday.  Bleh.

I got my edits back early.  On Monday, of all days.  Heh.  Started them on Tuesday.  (Which was another Monday.)  As far as I can tell, at this time, with what I've seen so far, I should be able to get this out to the world on or before the 17th of December.  Which means I really have to write that damned blurb.

In case you haven't heard, postage stamps are going up to 55c in January.  Get your forever stamps now and avoid the price hike.  Price hikes suck.  When you think about it, though, getting an envelope anywhere in this huge country of ours for only 55c is pretty damn cheap.  I picked up a 100 roll.  Should last me through to this time next year.

So, you may have heard about the numbnuts who's calling Tolkien a racist.  When I first heard about it, I thought maybe it was because Tolkien didn't write a lot of black characters (or any... it's been decades since I read any Tolkien).  Nope.  It's because of the orcs.  Apparently creating an entire evil race makes you a racist.  :shrug:  Anyway, the aforementioned numbnuts is an author few have heard of who recently published a collection of short stories with one of them being a rip-off... ahem, parody.... of Tolkien.  Yep, pretty much using the whole thing to drum up sales.  Big surprise.  Bleh.

Got most of my Christmas shopping done.  Don't feel bad.  I only have three people to buy for - Mom, his Mom, and the Kid.  I only have the Kid left and she prefers a check.  I still send her a box of goodies, though.  And a check.

Now I have to start thinking about Christmas cards.  I am so not in the mood.

I suppose I ought to think about decorating the house, too.  Meh.  Early Thanksgiving really threw me off this year.

Okay, that more than enough out of me.  How's about you?


  1. Keeping track of days is one reason I have specific "topics" on my blog and FB. That's not to say I don't forget...

    The Christmas tree is up. Of course, I didn't take it down from last year... *looks shifty-eyed* I suppose I should get the outside lights up. Supposed to get cold after tomorrow. I'll think about it.

    I made some progress on the stupid rewrite. Then I hit a block and sat staring at the screen for an hour. Seriously. *shakes fist at writing gods* I'm proscrastinating getting back to it this morning.

    I won't mention Christmas cards if you don't.

    Hadn't heard about the Tolkien dustup. Stupid is as stupid does and yeah, I think the guy is doing it for his 15 seconds of "Dude! You're stupid!" I caught a rant today about a novel that had the audicity to claim that the War of Northern Aggression was a matter of states' rights, and the over-reaching arm of the federal government, but strictly about slavery, because you know, all those soldiers who fought for the Confederacy were rich plantation owners who owned slaves. All those "historians" forget that the Immanciation Proclamation only freed slaves in states BELOW the Mason-Dixon line, allowing slavery in those "federal" states north of the line. Hmmmmm. Okay. Rant over. And yes, I am a Civil War scholar.

    Let's see. I should end on a happy or funny note... *thinkthinkthinks* Ah... Here. This made me laught this morning.

    1. :gigglesnort: Thanks for the morning laugh (I missed clicking it yesterday).

      I had actually planned to put the tree up yesterday, but life got in the way. Today should be better. And maybe I'll get some editing done. Or something.

      And I need more coffee...

  2. Yay for AWE and on-time schedules! I hate writing blurbs, too.

    Stamps really are cheap, but the yearly price hikes on packages hurts my little business. I'd have to double my prices to give free shipping. :-(

    That numbnuts deserves to be ignored. Totally. After reading that, I wouldn't consider buying his book.

    I've gotten gifts for everyone except Dad, who is bedridden and doesn't want anything. I'll probably get him candy. He still enjoys that.

    Christmas cards? Oh, NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not even ready to thing about them.

    1. I got a crappy first draft blurb written yesterday morning before my day went to hell. I'll revisit that after the coffee kicks in.

      Ugh, I remember when I was shipping stuff all the time and they kept raising rates. What a pain in the pocketbook. :hugs:

      Which is why I didn't post his name. And now I don't remember it.

      Yay for having gotten all your gifts! Candy is awesome for any Dad.

      Me neither. Bleh.