Thursday, November 8, 2018

Thursday This n That

The election is over for this time and it didn't turn out as bad as I'd feared.  Not as good as I'd hoped either, but apparently mid-term elections are like that.  We got our resident wicked witch out of congress.  I wish Michigan could've ousted theirs, too, but between Flint and Detroit, it wasn't likely.  I think Josh will do a good job for Missouri and for the U.S.

Oh, and they defeated the gas tax prop, so MO remains one of the lowest gas tax states.  Yay.  My main gas station was at $2.42 on Tuesday.  Every penny I don't have to shell out is good.

On Tuesday, Hubs and I went to town.  He needed to hit the barber and I needed to get out of the house.  I dropped him off and then went to a thrift store I hadn't visited before.  Oh, I knew it was there, but it's name implied that it was all clothing.  Except someone told me they had books in there somewhere, too.  Lo and behold, they did.  Not a huge area, but the books were stacked double deep.  I went through them all and picked out what I really wanted, then went through again to round out my purchase.  Lucky me, they were having a sale - 6 paperbacks for $1 and 3 hardcovers for $1.  Yes, I only got 9 books.  Most of their offerings were romances, stuff I'd read, or stuff I wasn't interested in.  Still, I got an old Alastair MacLean I didn't already have.  And an old Agatha Christie I didn't already have.  Plus, my favorite Phyllis Whitney in first edition hardcover.  And various others.  $2 out the door.  Cha ching.  Wrapped it up and got back to the barber right after Hubs haircut was finished, so it was all good.  (Not that it matters much.  He enjoys chatting with the barber.  The guy's a hoot.)

The autumn colors are past their peak now, but it's still pretty spectacular out there.

I really need to remember to buy stamps.  I have a note on my desk, but I've been to the post office twice since I wrote the note and still no stamps. 

Speaking of stamps, I got my postcards.

Speaking of postcards, Blink of an I is on sale right now.  (It's on the postcard, doncha know.)

I think I've learned my lesson not to do three sales within a month's time.  By the third sale, I'm burned out on marketing.  I was kinda burned out at the second sale.  I really need to get the word out there on FB and junk.

Speaking of FB, they changed stuff again.  I used to go through my newsfeed and then go over to my Pages feed to see what FB hadn't bothered to put in my newsfeed.  This morning, I clicked on Pages and it took me to a page that showed me my own pages.  And gave me a place where I could manage all the pages I like.  But no feed to see what those pages were showing.  Good thing I have all those pages bookmarked, but what a pain in the ass.  Thanks, FB.

Someone really needs to design an awesome competitor for Facebook. One people will happily join and migrate over to.  There are others, but they're all pale comparisons because people won't leave the great FB.  Myself included.  Why leave a party where all your friends are to go to a party where no one is and the chips are stale?  Even when the first party is run by dorks and is populated by like 90% dorks.  If the awesome 10% aren't at the other party, bringing with them awesome appetizers and snacks, there's no point.  :shrug:

Okay, that's more than enough out of me this morning.  What's up with you?

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  1. First edition Phyllis A. Whitney FTW!

    Yeah, I'm in that one Okie district that flipped the other way. The guy who lost wasn't a great loss except...reasons. I'll be watching the gal who won and every time she votes straight-party, I'll be on her @$$. I suspect she won't last past her next election. I'm still holding out hope for a couple of national races that haven't been decided yet.

    I'm amazed at how quiet the phone has been since Tuesday. Blessed peace.

    It's raining and chilly. I'm waffling between grilled cheese/soup and chili for dinner.

    I got outside yesterday. Redid the LED lights on my Nessie yard sculputure. I'd replaced the rope lights when 1/2 of them stopped working with a string of LED tape lights but it wasn't long enough. Finally bought a second string and redid. I also pulled the solar walk lights that no longer held charges and replaced them with 2 new sets of 6 I found on sale for $5 at Wallyworld. Last night I was so freaking stiff and sore from bending over that I went to bed with the heating pad early.

    Speaking of the weather, there's a chance we'll be in 30s with some snow next week. Crazy!

    Okay. I'm going to get some work done. No. I really am. Maybe. Ugh. I hate my brain space at the moment.

    Later, tater!